Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Your support does make a difference

With the Paralympics and the Canadian Nationals almost upon us, I've had several emails asking what I will be doing for the benefit of those family and fans unable to attend the events.

Nothing's free, even if sometimes it feels that way. Had 10% of the regular readership donated $10 at some point this season, Cate and I would be going to Vancouver and giving you the insider perspective that comes from painstakingly building relationships with the coaches and players of all the countries, not just Canada.

So will we be covering the Nationals instead; after all they are taking place just down the road?

That would just be a couple of hundred hours of Cate and my time. What's that time worth to you?

If you'd like to express your appreciation for the past five years of the website, and the past two years of the blog, click on the Donation button on the top right of this page to send a donation in any amount via Cate's PayPal account.

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Michael Alberg (Manitoba) said...

Ok. Everyone that comes to this site should be donating now. Let's show a little support to Cate and Eric however small. It can't be easier, the support page takes credit cards and pay pal. Let's show the Eales that we do care.