Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Canada back on top with 15-1 win over Switzerland

Canada (5-1) weren't affected by less than 50% shooting from their skip as the rest of the team shot better than 70% in the 15-1 dismantling of Switzerland (2-3). A 5 just before the break started the rout and a 6 in the 6th ended it early.

Norway (3-3) beat Japan (1-4) 11-3 and Germany (3-2) stole a single in the 8th to edge Italy (2-3) 7-6.

In the evening draw USA (4-2) blew a chance to at least tie their game against Sweden in the eighth. Sitting one with skip stones to come, they chose to chase the Swedish 2nd shot stone that was on the edge of the 12, rather than coming anywhere full 12 to sit two. The stone flashed and Sweden hit shot stone to run USA out of rocks.

"It was a strategy mistake. The right call was the draw. I know that now and hopefully won't make that mistake again," USA skip Perez said. And despite the error, the win wasn't guaranteed at that point.

Sweden (3-3) have won three in a row; beating Norway, Canada and USA to work themselves very much back into contention. Promoting Glenn Ikonen to 4th stones appears to have worked, as skip Jalle Jungnell continues to struggle, but no longer with last rocks.

Great Britain (2-4) avoided a 5th defeat, beating Germany (3-3) 9-2 and can still say they have a chance at a playoff spot. Korea (4-2) pulled level with USA and one game behind leaders Canada (5-1) beating Italy (2-4) 9-3, and Japan (2-4) edged Switzerland (2-4) 6-5 in an extra end.

With three matches to play in the round robin, every team still has a chance of making the playoffs.

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