Sunday, March 14, 2010

Canada not distracted by Norway's pants

[photo - Gavin Day]
Norway have traditionally had Canada's number and were my pick to be the team no one will want to meet in the playoffs. Against Canada, who they beat in round robin play lasy year, they took singles in the first three ends and were ahead 5-4 with hammer in the eighth.

Jim Armstrong threw a perfect guard with his first stone and then came around with his last stone to sit two. Norwegian skip Rune Lorentsen crashed on the guard to give Canada a 6-4 win. Match report HERE

Lindon Little's report in the Vancouver Sun suggests that Canada needed every bit of Jim's ice-reading experience to counter difficult ice conditions; heavy with huge late swing. Norway protested the result of a measurement, a protest that was denied after video review.

USA played Germany, the team that robbed them of a medal at last year's Worlds. Germany stole the  first 4 points, but USA playyed patiently and scored singles in the last three ends to take the game 6-5.  Match report HERE

USA skip said: "I have nothing but praise for our team. In the second end we made some mistakes and missed an easy draw. But I said to the guys that we have to believe we can still make it, even though we were four points down. If we get steals of one or two, we'll be fine."

A disappointed Jens Jager bemoaned his last shot: "On my last takeout I was too slow. It was a good match and we had control. I was just too slow on the last one."

Korea beat Japan 7-5 and Italy brutalised Switzerland 13-4 in six ends.

Switzerland didn't fare any better in the evening against Great Britain who finally posted a win, staying close through the break before stealing a key four points in the fifth end and winning 10-2.

Italy posted their second win of the day, 9-1 over a hapless Swedish side struggling to find their first win and the form that won silver against the same teams a year ago.

Canada play Japan at 12.30 and Sweden at 6pm tomorrow.

For full results and line scores visit our Vancouver Paralympic page.

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