Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Wheelchair Curling Canadian Nationals - Page Playoffs

We're at the Curling Club, getting set up for the Page Playoffs.  It will be BC vs BC HOST on sheet C (AKA Sheet 7) and MB vs AB on Sheet E (AKA Sheet 9).

Both games start at 2PM Pacific.  We'll try to check in at the end of every end, and more often if possible.

BC HOST has yellow rocks and the hammer.  MB has red rocks and the hammer.

Key shots: BC - BC HOST
An exchange of hits on shot stone back of the button included an excellent takeout by Frank Labounty, past a centre line guard.  Gerry Austgarden threw a centre line guard that Gary Cormack attempted to runback.  He made contact with the guard, but missed removing shot stone by less than an inch.

Austgarden threw a second guard and Cormack was unable to reach shot stone.  BC steals one.

Key Shots: MB - AB
AB sat two in the 4ft after MB's lead stones went through the house.  A double takeout by MB's second, George Horning, cleared the AB stones.

AB's Jack Smart threw his second stone top 4, covering his own shot stone back 4.  MB's skip Chris Sobkowicz attempted double takeout jammed on the back stone.  AB steals one.

Second end Key Shots:
In the battle of BC's, BC sitting one full 8ft behind a corner guard.  Gerry Austgarden flashed on his takeout attempt.  Gary Cormack drew down to shot stone to sit second shot.  Gerry, with his last stone hit and stayed to sit shot.  Cormack flashed on his takeout attempt, which would take two.  Instead he gave up a steal of one.

BC 2 - HOST 0

In the other game MB's second George Horning was largely responsible for the empty house, making two lovely takeouts.  AB threw short of the rings.  MB split the AB rock in and rolled into the open giving AB a chance for a hit to sit two.  However a last rock flash by the AB skip gave MB a chance to blank the end.  The hit stayed in the rings, and MB takes one.  Score tied at 1 after two ends.

Key shots - End 3
A perfect hit and stick takeout early on from Vince Miele for BC HOST.  Gary Cormack, switching hands from right to left, missed an open draw into the rings for a 4th point.  HOST take three to lead 3-2.

In the MB - AB game, MB's skip promotes and AB stone and rolls to the wings for second shot.  An exchange of stones left AB a hit on the MB stone on the edge of the 12ft to count three.  Smart's takeout attempt misses by at least a foot.  AB counts one and the score is AB 2 - MB 1 at the end of three.

Key shots end 4:
In the BC vs BC Host, all the play was in the back 12.  Exchange of stones, and then Cormack flashed with his last stone to allow Austgarden a draw to the paint for his second point.

BC 4 - BC HOST 3 as they head to the break.

All the play in the other game was in the 4ft.  MB put three red stones in early, and AB spent the rest of the end moving them out.

Eventually, MB sat two, with four AB stones around the shot stones.  They put up a long guard, and Smart drew around it. He tapped the MB shot stone back and bit the button, but it looked like it was second shot.  MB ticked the guard over, opening the port a little wider.  AB called time out.  The put up a guard.  MB crashes on the guard.  They're going to measure for shot.

It's red.  MB takes one.  That ties the score at 2 as they head for the break.

BC - BC Host have been back for a few minutes.  This time, the play is all in front of the house except for one HOST stone in the back 12.  They put up a guard, effectively sealing off the right side.  Gerry's draw down the left side is short.  Cormack tries to tap a yellow onto red onto yellow, but flashes.  Gerry tries to tap red onto red into the 8ft, but taps his own through.  Cormack tries again.  He taps back, almost too much weight, to the back 12.  HOST takes 2 and the score is HOST 5 - BC 4 after five ends.

AB and MB are still playing the 5th end.

In the battle of the BC's 6th end, BC get another chance to put their final stone anywhere in the house for a second point, and do.  They go ahead 6-5.

AB and MB finish a complicated 5th end with a steal of 1 for MB.  They lead 3-2 after five.

Playing the 6th, Jack Smart, facing four, doubled two MB rocks out.  MB hit to sit three, Smart's last rock hit and rolled.  There's a measurement --- it's yellow.  AB picks up the point to tie it at 3 after six ends.

BC and BC HOST key shots in the 7th:
This end featured a time out by either side.  HOST lies three.  Austgarden's last stone is on the guard.

If Cormack can remove it, he could take four.  He was just a little strong and rolls out.  BC HOST takes 3 and the score is HOST 8 - BC 6.

In the 7th, Jack Smart's first rock is a draw to the side of the 4ft, allowing MB to hit and roll to the button for shot.  AB is heavy, MB's last stone it light. MB takes one and lead 4-3 after 7. AB has the hammer coming home.

In the 8th end of the BC - HOST game, BC sat back 12 for most of the game while hits were exchanged in the front of the house.  When BC missed, HOST had an opportunity to take out the shot stone.  They missed and BC had a chance to sit two, but came up light.

BC HOST did not miss with their final stone, sitting one.  BC attempted to split their stone in front of the house for a tie,but were wide.  BC HOST steals one to win, 9-6.

HOST goes through to tomorrow's final, and BC will play the winner of AB - MB, which is in the 8th now.

In the last end of the MB - AB all the play is in the back of the house.  MB sits shot, but AB have a chance to double to sit 4.

They are a little heavy, pushing back a stone to have MB lie 1 with AB stones on either side.

AB is second shot in a crowded house.  Anne Hibbard ticks off the long centre line guard, but there's a port there now.

Chris puts up a guard.  Jack tries to come by it, and promotes a red stone.  MB lies 2, and there are rocks all over everywhere.  MB calls time out.

MB comes into the back 4.  Jack has to outdraw him to score 1 and send it to an extra.

His line is great, he hits the shot stone and rolls two inches too far.  Just a little too much weight.

MB steals 1, the final score is 5-3.  BC will play MB in the semifinal at 9:30 tomorrow morning.  The winner there will play BC HOST in tomorrow afternoon's final.

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