Monday, March 8, 2010

Coverage of Paralympic wheelchair curling

Last year at the 2009 Worlds, Cate and I live-blogged and reported every Canadian match. We were able to do that because the CCA helped with our expenses.

We had hoped to do something similar at the Paralympics, but despite approaching every possible source of funding, we were not able to cover accommodation and on-site costs. A couple of offers of accommodation did not materialise, so although we have media accreditation, it doesn't look as though we will be attending Canada's defence of their Paralympic gold medal.

The television consortium that covered the Olympics will be producing 25 hours of English language Paralympic programming, almost all devoted to sledge hockey and an evening highlight show.

As far as I know, the only live media coverage of wheelchair curling will be on Paralympic Sport TV

The schedule is on a pdf document at this link.

While it is personally disappointing not to be able to continue the work we bagan at last year's Worlds and take advantage of the relationships we established with athletes and coaches from all the teams, we can't force perceptions of value where they don't exist.

The website and blog have been around just long enough for the service they provide to be taken for granted.  We have several thousand readers every week, and no income.

So it goes.


Anonymous said...

Well I certainly hope that you will be attending the Canadian Championship, with your excellent coverage Eric. I'm sure that you would be welcomed with open arms.

Wayne Ficek said...

I for one will miss your coverage Eric and have to say the people from North Western Ontario that tuned into your blogs will also miss you.

Hope you will come out in Kelowna even if your not working and say hello.

As you say, it appears some take for granted what should be considered a huge plug for wheelchair curling and the sport around the world.

come out in Kelowna and I'll buy you a beer.



. said...

Sounds like a deal, Wayne.


Tingmeso said...

Hi Eric. I wish I had known about this earlier and I would have sent you a personal donation to help with expenses. You are right that people take this site for granted and do not realize that you do not receive, nor would you accept, money from advertisers. I will make a personal donation to your site as one the first page. The work you and Cate have done is from your love of the game and the selflerss promotion of the sport world wide. We ALL owe you both a debt of gratitude. Best wishes. Ernie

Robert Eberhard said...

Regardless of how much more coverage of the Paralympics their has been in relation to past Paralympics, there simply needs to be better distribution of that content. I am saddened that you were not able to cover the curling appropriately. In my opinion CTV needs to recognition that their is an audience that wants that content and they want it live as well as achieved, whether that be on-line or on the TV. If they can't provide that appropriate distribution they need to hand it over to individuals like yourself. I have been keeping an active blog and a virtual 3D Olympics at and if you visit it you will notice that I have been overly positive. I love these Olympic and Paralympic games but I am rather frustrated to say the least. I WANT TO SEE MORE PARALYMPIC GAMES. I am lucky because I live in Whistler and get to see the odd event live, but these games are quite captivating and I am saddened to put it mildly that I can not see more of the games!!!!