Saturday, March 20, 2010

Updates from Nationals and Paralympics

Just back from the Nationals banquet, where Chester Draper of Northern Ontario won the Sportsmanship Trophy, and Arlene Ursel, Dennis Thiessen and Chris Sobkowicz of Manitoba and Martin Purvis of Alberta won places on the All-Star Team. Photographs to follow.

The Nationals and the Paralympics results pages are up-to-date. News and commentary will be added later.

Congratulations to Team Canada who held off a late rally by Korea to win the gold medal at the Paralympics. Final score 8-7.

The Nationals semi-final will begin 9.30 Sunday with the final at 2pm.

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Anonymous said...

***Thanks Eric for keping us updated. This is Ernie & Sheila, we're back in Calgary. Wish we could have stayed to the end of all activities but I had to get back to work to pay the hotel bills. Say hello to Team Nova Scotia, Team Newfoundland & the two cute girls from Quebec for us Poulin & Huberdeau. Will be looking for the wrap up comments. Thanks again.