Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Learn to curl in Austin, Texas

Last weekend's Learn to Curl session at the Chapparral Ice Center in Austin, Texas, brought out over 400 people, so the club is holding another session Sunday March 7th at 9.30 am.

“I think there’s potential here just to try a sport that really works for every age group or physical ability,” club member Janet Hunter told The Daily Texan. “We have people curling from age 8 to 80, even wheelchair curling.”

Read more about Austin’s Lone Star Curling Club.


Janet Hunter said...

Sorry to disappoint, but the Lone Star Curling Club in Austin does NOT offer wheelchair curling -- at least not yet. The writer of the article above misinterpreted my comment that there is such a sport as wheelchair curling. But who knows? Based on the interest and turnout at our learn-to-curl open house, it could happen here some day.

Janet H.

Eric Eales said...

Hi Janet,

Very few clubs, even in Canada, schedule events labeled "wheelchair curling." What is happening more and more, however, is clubs enabling and encouraging people who use wheelchairs to participate.

For most clubs, wheelchair curling begins with just one wheelchair user coming out, throwing some rocks and spreading the word.

Perhaps you could contact me by email so we can talk about how that might happen in Austin.