Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Canada lead Sonja Gaudet to carry torch

The Canadian Paralympic Committee has selected Team Canada lead Sonja Gaudet as one of 25 torch bearers to take part in the Paralympic Torch Relay for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games.

"These individuals have been selected for their outstanding contribution to the Paralympic Movement.

"Sonia Gaudet is on the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic wheelchair curling team and is the only returning member of the Canadian team that struck gold in Torino, Italy when wheelchair curling made its debut at the 2006 Paralympic Games. Since Torino, she has continued in her winning ways by taking home a gold medal from the 2009 World Championships. She is an ambassador with the Rick Hansen Foundation, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, and VANOC, where she uses the power of sport and her experience of overcoming challenges to motivate and inspire people of all ages."

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The Province also had an article and interview HERE


Anonymous said...

I have some news.....

Chris Daw was not only selected as a torch bearer by the IPC, to carry on March 12 but also rumor has it he will help throw the first stone out with Sir Phil from the IPC on the opening day.

Also, rumor has it he will be the lead commentator for wheelchair curling with Paralympic TV the IPC program.

This all on top of him being the Manager of the legacy building post Paralympics. He has had a bit of news coverage himself....articles, TV, etc.

He seems close to Jim in the picture below, his he being positioned for a return?

Seems to have turned over a new leaf including what I hear is the birth of a baby girl some 7 days ago. Any idea if he will return to playing status Eric, post paralymics.

Saw him doing some talking with Gerry Peckham during the Olympics, ideas.

Anonymous said...

mt guess is that any return for Chris would have to be with Jim.s blessing, as well as the present staff, if they coninue their contracts.

Evelina said...

Happy to see Sonja chosen to carry the torch.

Anonymous said...

We could have had TWO wc curlers.....I know Jim Armstrong was nominated as an alumni from UBC, and another (second) source, but the timing and location conflicted with the team's final preparations.

We are certsinly gsining notoriety as the "new kids" on the block.

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a great start heading into the paralympics........

Anonymous said...

Chris back in the National Program? I would sugest the level of play has passed Chris, since his "retirement"

Anonymous said...

I have seen Chris play on a number of occasion down at the VCC and he is just as good if not better.

Guess that is what happens when you have 5 sheets of ice at your beck and call. Just to bad he chooses not to compete anymore.

Does any one know why????

Anonymous said...

So if any questions Chris's ability to paly let me say this.

Watched him this after noon play Team Japan, with a very rookie team.

And he almost beat them, Yes he lsot by 1 but he out played them and considering he had no front end or 3rd to help him, he did Excellent.

I asked him about a return and he said no but man we are really losing out on this guy not playing for us.

Someone must know the story as to why he is not???