Friday, March 12, 2010

Who'll make the podium at the Paralympic Games?

I gave my predictions in my Paralympic preview post. Now it's your turn.

Places 1 through 4 in the comments below - and remember, there's no credit of your post is anonymous.

Your choices, in alphabetical order: Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.


Bruce Cameron said...

My final four are:

Great Britain

Also medaling in that order

catester said...

Having no reason this time around not to speak my mind:

I like USA's chances. If Goose has deepened his understanding of the game and the team can make it to the playoffs, anything can happen. We know USA can beat Canada at home, indeed in that very building. Goose called a very straightforward game in the Bronze Medal match, losing on a fluke shot from Germany. My head tells me one thing, but I am going with my heart. I like USA for a Silver medal.

Norway's stats are all over the place, but they seem to come through in the clutch. (Of course, if you don't believe in "the clutch" then you're not going to buy into this prediction.) Their performance last year suffered from lack of practice ice. Apparently they've had ice this year. I think Norway will take the Bronze.

I don't see GB on the podium this time. Coach Pendreigh's long-term plan to have everyone deliver from the hack (except for some of the time) doesn't give his team any advantage, given that the centre-line rule has changed. I think they will place 4th.

Canada, with the crowds behind them, will win Gold if everyone stays healthy and focused. If everyone does not, in fact, stay healthy and focused, then move all my predictions up one slot, and move Sweden into 4th.

Anonymous said...

As a strong supporter of Team USA I would say they have a strong chance at making that Medal Stand. Goose, is one of the best Sips in the World. I would adventure to say that if it comes down to Canada and the US in the Finals than the use of his knowledge will go along ways towards Gold.
I know Canada has a strong Team because I have played against them before. I also know they have a strong Skip but I still like the chances of the Americans.
The sleeper team for this tournament will be Switzerland I think they are a real suprise.

Take care