Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paralympic Draw 1 results

Canada beats Great Britain 9-2 in opening draw. USA beats Korea 9-6. Germany beats Norway 10-6. Switzerland beats Sweden 7-6

Great Britain took 1 in the first according to this CTV photo

Line scores have been posted to the website HERE

Report from CTV

The Canadian wheelchair curling team opened their campaign to win back-to-back gold medals by taking a 9-2 victory in seven ends over Great Britain in a rematch Saturday of the gold medal final from four years ago.

Comment from Jim Armstrong: “It certainly didn’t reflect well on Great Britain. They are better than the score showed. We got on the ice quick and it was curling a lot more than we were used to. They [were forced] to come to us and it was tough for them.”

and one from Michael McCreadie: “It was a good start for us with a steal [in the first end]. But then we were too aggressive in the second and third ends. We tried to claw back but you just have to learn from these types of games. If we’re going to have that kind of game, why not have it early?”

Draw 2 begins at 6pm local time. Canada play USA, Norway vs Great Britain, Sweden vs Korea and Italy vs Japan

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