Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paralympics - Draw 2

Canada cruised to a 10-5 win over USA to go 2-0 on the opening day of competition at the Paralympics.

USA took 2 in the first but then gave up 4 in the second, and steals of 2 in the third and fourth.

Line scores when available.

Sweden completely fell apart in the final end of their match against Korea, throwing zeroes with their first 6 stones, and losing 8-4. Korea showed they can draw, burying two behind misplaced Swedish guards while Sweden failed to clear the front.

Norway beat Great Britain 7-5 on a game that saw GB take a 3-0 after 2, fall behind 5-3 after 5, tie it after 7 and then give up 2 in the final end.

Japan beat Italy 9-6

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