Thursday, March 18, 2010

Canadian Nationals - Draw 7

Saskatchewan beat Chris Sobkowicz's Manitoba despite being 5-0 down at the break. Single steals in the 6th and 7th and a steal of 2 in the 8th brought a mighty cheer from the Saskatchewan supporters glued to the upstairs lounge window. Saskatchewan 2nd Marie Wright shot a game best 58% to her province in the fourth playoff spot. With two draws to go tomorrow, when they will play Quebec and Ontario, they are looking good to at least claim a tie-break.

Leaders BC were completely befuddled by inconsistent Alberta who stole a 6-0 lead after 5 ends. They almost let BC back into the game in the 5th when with BC sitting one behind a pile of front stones, Albeta skip opted to hit the BC shot stone rather than give up the one with a guard. His shot promoted a second BC stone, Gerry Austgarden pushed another into the rings through the opened port and with BC sitting 3 and a stone to come, Alberta were looking ruin in the face.

But Smart's last rock draw was just wide and heavy enough to wick off a stone at the edge of the 12 and roll to the button for shot, and another steal.

Ontario, flush from their morning trophy victory, took 5 in the opening end and spent the rest of the game giving it back, losing 9-7.

N. Ontario gave Quebec an early 3 point lead then posted a four and a couple of steals in an 8-6 win. BC Host went off to a 5 point lead against Newfoundland and Labrador, and won 6-4.

The two BC teams are guaranteed a playoff spot, with Manitoba needing to win just one of their games to join them. Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec are the only teams mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

For full scores and table go to our Nationals page.

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