Friday, March 25, 2011

Canadian Nationals Day 5 - Draw 8 - Nova Scotia topple Alberta

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Alberta and Nova Scotia, the top two teams at this year's Canadian National Championships in Edmonton, faced off this morning in a game that will likely decide who finishes in first place after round robin play.

Nova Scotia 2nd Trendal Hubley-Bolivar
photo - Bevan Sauks.
Nova Scotia had the better of the game from the outset, though an unfortunate error by one of the volunteers meant that one of their rocks, which was to have been measured for a second point, was removed. By rule Nova Scotia had the option of taking their single or replaying the end. They took the point, and continued with another steal in the 2nd. A 3 just before the break for a 5-1 lead led to a comment of "impressive draw weight" by Alberta coach Andy Jones.

Nova Scotia continued the pressure with a steal of a single in the 5th for a 6-1 lead and though Alberta scored in ends 6 and 7, they saw their unbeaten record slip away 6-3 when their attempt to lay 3 failed and Nova Scotia were not forced to throw their last rock.

Host Team substitute Marie Laframboise 
photo - Andrew Pizzinato
Manitoba guaranteed their playoff spot by denting the Host Team's ambitions with an 8-6 win. The game was not without its drama though as Hosts fought back from an 8-1 deficit. just as Korea had done against Canada at the Paralympics final. Hosts face Alberta in the final draw, and must win and BC lose for a chance at a tie-break. Host Team lead Shawna Walsh was unable to play, and was replaced by Marie Laframbois from the player pool.

Saskatchewan's skip Darwin Bender
photo - Bevan Sauks.
Quebec's late run fizzled in a loss to Saskatchewan 7-4. Their playoff hopes died when they gave up a steal of 3 in the 7th. BC, the only top four team in real danger at the start of play, crushed Ontario 13-3. They posted 3's with hammer and stole 4 in the 6th and final end.

Northern Ontario 3rd Mark Wherrett 
photo - Bevan Sauks.
Newfoundland-Labrador, who came so agonisingly close to their first win last night, were unable to maintain their momentum, losing 9-1 to Northern Ontario, who can force a tie-break if they beat BC in the afternoon draw. 

Results after Draw 8 of 9

Nova Scotia        7 1
Alberta            7 1

Manitoba           6 2
British Columbia   5 3
Northern Ontario   4 4
Host Team          4 4
Saskatchewan       3 5
Quebec             3 5
Ontario            1 7
NFLD and Labrador  0 8

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