Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Canadian Nationals - Day 3 Draw 5

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 Manitoba skip Chris Sobkowicz
all photos on this page by Bevan Sauks
Four teams began the day unbeaten, and with BC and Manitoba both losing their afternoon draws then facing each other this evening, one was going to end the day unhappy. Today was BC's turn as they fell behind from the beginning, allowing a steal of two in the first, before shaking hands after an 8-1 loss in 6 ends.

Alberta skip Bruno Yizek
Alberta played Ontario and a high risk first end with lots of rocks in play paid off for the home side as they stole 2. In the 2nd, back to back doubles by Carl Bax helped Ontario take 3, and it took a draw by Alberta skip Yizek, facing two, to tie the score after 3 ends.

Ontario skip Chris Rees
Ontario skip Rees just missed with an attempted hit to hold Alberta to a single in the 5th and another narrow miss let Alberta steal the winning point in the 6th as the sides swapped singles at the end of the game; Alberta the winner 7-5 and still top of the table.

Nova Scotia skip Mike Fitzgerald
Nova Scotia kept pace with Alberta, beating winless Newfoundland-Labrador 9-5.

Host Team skip Cliff Nuspl
Host Team gave up yet another big end at the end of their game, but this time not before they had put the contest out of Saskatchewan's reach. 8-3 the final.

Quebec skip Benoit Lessard
Quebec had been playing far better than their record suggested and finally posted a win, 8-4 over Northern Ontario who perhaps had not regrouped after beating their southern neighbours this afternoon. Quebec also stole their first ends of the tournament.

Alberta           5 0
Nova Scotia       5 0
Manitoba          4 1
Host Team         3 2
British Columbia  3 2
Northern Ontario  2 3
Ontario           1 4
Quebec            1 4
Saskatchewan      1 4
NFLD and Labrador 0 5

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