Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Canadian Nationals - Day 2 Draw 2

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Alberta scored another 11 points in Draw 2 of the Canadian National Championships in Edmonton, AB, this afternoon. Team Yizek overwhelmed Saskatchewan despite their coach Andy Jones noting that Saskatchewan were hitting everything and trying not to leave rocks in play. Some consolation for Saskatchewan who scored three singles; the game went with hammer for all seven ends.

BC brought the local Alberta Host Team back to earth with a slight bump, by scoring 4 in the 8th to force an extra end, their second in two games. The Hosts had the best of the game through 7, stealing to a healthy lead after seeing BC take 2 in the opening frame. It was a couple of misses in the 8th that allowed BC to come back, and a measure was requested for the fourth point. BC completed the comeback with a steal of a single in the extra end for an 8-7 win.

Head official Linda Kirton educating the media on the finer points of wheelchair play
photo - Lisa Shamchuk

Newfoundland-Labrador were pounded 10-4 by an Ontario rink smarting from yesterday's loss to the Hosts. Ontario raced out to a 10-0 lead before Newfoundland-Labrador settled, posting the last four points on a couple of steals of their own.

Newfoundland-Labrador skip Joanne MacDonald 

Nova Scotia posted their second win and handed Northern Ontario their second loss 8-1. The game was close up to the break, but settled by five stolen points in the last three ends.

Quebec hung tough against Manitoba but gave up a decisive 3 in the 5th, losing 8-5. They are scoring when they have hammer, but need to improve their defense without hammer if they are to prosper. Manitoba join Alberta, BC and Nova Scotia at the top of the table.

photo Lisa Shamchuk

Volunteers from Belrose High School were wrangling rocks at this afternoon's draw.

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