Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Canadian Nationals - Day 2 Draw 3

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It was deja vu all over again in the evening Draw 3 at the Canadian nationals in Edmonton, with the locally based Host Team controlling their game against Nova Scotia through seven ends before giving up another game tying 4 in the 8th. Hosts, drawing against 3, came up light with their final stone, allowing Mike Fitzgerald to draw for his fourth point. The extra end was no happier for the local team, as they gave up a steal of two for their second heart-breaking loss of the day.

BC 3rd Frank LaBounty - 6th end against NL
photo - Linda Kirton

Life has not become any easier (yet) for Newfoundland-Labrador who have now played three teams fancied to make the playoffs and given up 31 points. They had a disastrous start against BC, allowing 4 in the first and a series of steals to end the game 10-1.

Quebec are using the longest sticks in the competition
photo - Linda Kirton

Alberta had a tougher game against Quebec than the 6-2 scoreline suggests. Alberta coach Andy Jones described the first end as "sketchy," Bruno taking two with a hit and stick. In the second Jack Smart squeezed his rock past a guard to set up a steal of one, and in the 3rd, Bruno executed a freeze, an unlikely shot without sweeping, to hold Quebec to a single.

In the 4th skip Yizek threw a double take-out against three and managed to score his single. Quebec had a chance to tie the game at 3 after the break, but Ben Lessard's attempted tap over-curled and they scored just one. Alberta then took 2 with the hammer to go ahead 5-2 and added a stolen point in the 7th before running Quebec out of stones. Final score 6-2.

Northern Ontario, noted as a friendly bunch, also wanted it to be known they were also the "biggest, fattest, and oldest."

Mark Wherrett, Wayne Ficek, Denise Miault, Cindy Hoffstrom and Chester Draper
This evening they were the "meanest," pounding Saskatchewan 11-4 on the back of a steal of 5 in the 4th, to record their first win. skip Ficek admitted to his local paper that the team had not been playing well, but said of their first win; "I think it helps for the confidence for the team and I think we'll go into the game at 1 p.m. today feeling pretty good. Now, with the two losses, it's one game at a time. Let's get the next win and go from there."

Ontario faced Manitoba in a game that was close until the 6th, when Manitoba took their two for a two point lead then stole home for a 9-4 victory that keeps them unbeaten and tied with Alberta, BC and Nova Scotia at the top of the table.

Alberta           3 0
British Columbia  3 0
Manitoba          3 0
Nova Scotia       3 0
Host Team         1 2
Northern Ontario  1 2
Ontario           1 2
NFLD and Labrador 0 3
Quebec            0 3
Saskatchewan      0 3


Unknown said...

GO TEAM NO! Fat, Friendly and on Fire!

Michael Alberg said...

Sure miss the play by play Eric. It added some colour and excitement to just getting the drab numbers.