Friday, February 11, 2011

News from Phoenix Arizona

Team Alberta lead Bridget Wilson has been visiting Phoenix and contacted the four sheet Coyote Curling Club, who play on the ice used by the Phoenix Coyotes NHL team.

She was looking for some practice ice. She found the true spirit of curling alive and well in the desert:

I had contacted the Coyotes Curling Club about possibly getting out on the ice to do some training for the up coming Nationals. Not only did they comp me the ice time, the staff and all the curlers welcomed me with open arms, all greeting me and introducing themselves. 

They all came on the ice with me to practice and then proceeded to ask me to stay and play on one of their teams. Which I did and had an absolute ball...they were all so nice and very good curlers. 

After we went to the bar in the facility and the food and drinks just kept on coming along with lots of laughs and new friends made. The have invited me back out on Feb 25 to curl again.  They even blew up our Team Yizek provincial championship photo we had just had taken, asked me to sign it and posted it up in the curling club.

I would really like to thank ex-Calgarian Darryl Horsman and the Coyotes curling club for arranging this. He is hoping to start a wheelchair league here as well. Here's hoping and hats off to all the wonderful people here about INCLUSION! It's a wonderful club and is so wheelchair accessible it's unreal!

If you use a wheelchair and live near Phoenix, contact the club via their website.

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Wayne F said...

Excellent story Bridget........that is so COOOL, sounds like a good place to visit/retire.

good for you.

Wayne Ficek