Thursday, February 10, 2011

News from Kenora, No. Ontario

Wayne Ficek,  skip of Team Kenora/Dryden, says his team is "chomping at the bit and ready to go... As under achievers last year (3-6) none of our team was happy with the results and would love the opportunity to compete in Edmonton."

Denise Miault braced by Mark Wherrett with Chester Draper watching
[photo - Ian Readey]

Congratulations go to two team members, Mark Wherrett and Denise Miault who qualified for full carding under the OCA/NOCA Quest for Gold program.

Last Saturday they played Chris Sobkowicz's Manitoba team winning the first 7-6 when Chris wrecked on a guard looking at three in the four foot.

"The second game was a blow out 9 -1 win after six. While the first game's ice was good, we played on the same sheet after a 45 minute lunch and things had tightened up," Wayne said. "I think we caught them off guard with the ice and this is the first wins the team have had against Manitoba ever, so kudo's to Mark, Chester and Denise who are all playing better than ever.

"We're hoping we can get back to Nationals and truly believe three times = lucky."

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