Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dominion Provincial Championships - Ontario Day 1

Victories went to the more experienced teams in the first Draw of the Dominion Provincial Championships at the Toronto Cricket and Curling Club.

Chris Rees, looking to regain his title after a couple of years, beat Mark Ideson's Ilderton 1 by 8-3 with three consecutive steals for 6 points in the middle of the game.

Bruce Cameron gave up a 3 ender in the first, but stole the last 8 points to win 12-4 against Dal Wrigley's Ilderton 2.

Ken Gregory got off to a perfect start, scoring 4 in the first end on the way to a 8-2 win over Ottawa's Richard Fraser.

In Draw 2 this afternoon, home ice favourite Chris Rees overcame a 6-4 deficit to post a 3 in the 8th for a 7-6 win over Ottawa's Bruce Cameron.

Ilderton's Mark Ideson gave up single point steals in each of the first three ends playing Ottawa's other rink skipped by Richard Fraser, before steadying to win 8-3 in 7 ends.

Bradford's Gregory defeated Dal Wrigley's Ilderton 2 side 15-0.

Table after 2 Draws

Gregory 2-0
Rees 2-0
Cameron 1-1
Ideson 1-1
Fraser 0-2
Wrigley 0-2

Full line scores are available HERE

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Anonymous said...

Rees will win in a "walk".