Sunday, February 6, 2011

National champ Cormack adds BC provincial title

Gary Cormack skip, Frank LaBounty 3rd, Vince Miele 2nd, Alison Duddy lead
[photo - Matt Coxford]
Gary Cormack had a second chance at a national title last year, when his second place at the 2010 BC Provincials allowed him to skip the Host Team to last season's national title.

This year, he retained Vince Miele at second, and added 3rd Frank LaBounty and lead Alison Duddy from last year's BC championship side, hoping to get to the Edmonton Nationals in March through the front door.

After two wins in round robin play at the 2011 BC Provincial Championships in Kimberley his team went straight through to this afternoon's final, though not against their expected opponent. Bob Mcdonald, playing with just Bill Lindstrom and Samantha Siu as 3rd Sonja Gaudet was unable to travel, upset the multi-medalled Armstrong team in the semi-final, and looked to continue an extraordinary run into the final.

They started well, with Cormack facing four with his last stone on the 1st end, and only able to limit the damage, giving up a single. But Cormack quickly regrouped, scoring 2 in the 2nd and then posting steals of 2 in the 3rd and 4th ends for a comfortable 6-1 lead at the break.

Mcdonald fought back with a single, and a steal of a point to pull within 3 after 6 ends, but Cormack's 2 in the 7th allowed him to run Mconald out of stones, and claim his first national title since 2006 when he was a member of Team Canada.

Cormack *  0 2 2 2 0 0 2 X - 8
Mcdonald   1 0 0 0 1 1 0 X - 3

You can read a full report by Matt Coxford of the Cranbrook Daily Townsman HERE.

The 2011 Nationals are scheduled for March 20-27 at the Jasper Place CC in Edmonton, Alberta.


Anonymous said...

Let the excuses begin! How on Earth could the almighty Jim and Chris possibly have embarrassed themselves so badly?? [insult deleted] Probably because they really aren't that good, certainly not any better than anyone else in this country. Good riddance I say. Congratulations Gary, Frank, Vince and Alison! You all have absolutely made my day. This is just more proof that the team Canada selection process is a joke and a slap in the face to all the w/c curlers in this country. Let's go BC! Make it 5 championships in a row!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Team Cormack. Lets here how Jim and Chris talk there way around this lost. So much for CCA selection, it's B_S_. Let who ever wins the National's represent Canada. Gary has proved that the All mighty Jim with Darryl and Chris's backing amount to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Is this why Team Canada is not allowed to go to Nationals? in case they lose and have to explain the team selection eh

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that is why a one game format for Team Canada will never fly.

Would you not agree that a best of five now makes sense?

Did anyone see the game?

sonja said...

sorry - i can't help but feel the need to respond to these comments.... the team that competed at bc provincials - jim, darryl, chris and jaqulin is NOT TEAM CANADA!! did you perhaps forget that team canada has a completely different front end and alternate? it seems to me that TEAM CANADA has proved time and time again that selection - as it is right now - has worked!

Anonymous said...

perhaps the underestimation of Canada's front end is the key here! Chris Daw does not replace Forest,Gaudet or the team dynamics with them on the ice. I think Jim would agree..... Congratulations though Gary and team....

Anonymous said...

Ther is NO comparison of Team Armstrong and Team Canada. I doubt Jim's team even played together before last weekend, so a lot of the strategy and knowledge goes out the window.

HOWEVER, wouldn't it be nice to see Team Cormack play Team Canada?

Probably too late to ready Team Canada for Prague, BUT how about Team Canada playing BC to get them ready for Nationals? Seems that would be quite a help to Team BC....

Eric Eales said...

Never any need to apologise for commenting, Sonja.

Maybe front ends are the Rodney Dangerfields of wheelchair curling: they don't get no respect.

The present Team Canada system has worked, in the sense of producing medals. And that is what you and the rest of the team are being paid to do - produce medals. Congratulations, you have succeeded.

I know that you are also often asked to be an ambassador for the sport, and the team (all but Jim?) has this year particiapted in the regional CCA camps.

The question remains, at least for me, whether the present system will lead, and has perhaps already led to an understanding within the CCA that to have a team capable to being competitive at the international level, you need only a very few participants.

So my question is does the present system work in the sense of expanding participation across Canada, moving participation from a few dozens to a few hundreds and on to a few thousands? In that sense of working, I think the answer is no.

That is not solely down to national team selection procedures. Mixed gender teams, accessibility in older clubs, especially in the east of the country, lack of qualified coaching and many other factors limit participation.

But whenever someone applauds the present system because it's working, I feel the need to point out that there should be more to the sport, particularly in Canada, than wheelchair curling as a medal winning factory.

Like everyone on here.Anonymous! said...

Ok simple comment here, a loss is a loss, it happens. Don't read more in to the TEam Armstrong team than that.

You say in a comment above:

" Chris Daw does not replace Forest,Gaudet or the team dynamics with them on the ice. I think Jim would agree..... "

Who ever said he was trying and as for team dynamics between Jim and Chris ask Jim. NO problem with dynamics, interferance, etc.

You people have far to much time on your hands.

Everyone got what you want Chris is out, and Jim is out of Nationals. Feel good about it. Be happy and continue to be AS*(()les

Anonymous said...

One of the above posters has it right. It is time for a challenge to Team Canada, with the National winnere in a best of five contest. I certainly understand reluctance for sudden death, since what occurred last weekend is HIGHLY unlikely to occur in a full series.

BUT, come on, Team Canada, let's see a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Eric, your idea in theory works, but my money is on Team Canada select beating any other form of team available. However, I do think it is time to find out.

Anonymous said...

Jim participated in the Richmond camp, but time is dear, since I know he is the sole caregiver to his mother.

Anonymous said...

This weekend shows that a playoff between National winner and Team Select has traction. The time is now, Coach Rea, and cheque writer Mr. Peckham.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone present see how Daw interacted? One has to wonder what kind of effect he would have in his first real test back in competition.

Anonymous said...

To the first comment......why do you think either Chris, Jim or Darryl have to explain anything? Do you think Kevin Martin doesn't lose every so often? Good for them to make the trek and support the play-off, when many others chose not to.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

How did Chris interact, ask those that were there. I saw him. He seemed friendly, kind and some what quiet.

He interacted and even had a few beers before at the rink and at a social dinner.

Come people, Chris is not who he was; what ever that may have been.

And oh by the way, he ever played preety damn good as well.

Just seems like he can never get a break and once again has to start from the bottom again next year to try and get back into the program.

All of you on here should be happy and jumping for joy.

Ya, NO Chris DAW!

You all make me sick with how much you beat him into the ground when he has done so much for this sport and continues to do so today.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you were watching, but I saw Chris get way outcurled by MacDonald's second, and a batch of misses in the first game as well.

The Opinionator said...

"Chris is not who he was; what ever that may have been."

Give your head a shake. Chris has and always will be for Chris. He only did and does what will promote his own self interest or to boost his own ego. A leopard doesn't change it's spots. He may have been "good" in his day but things have progressed in this sport since then. If you were to put the old team Canada against most of the present provincial teams I would suggest Chris would have a hard time keeping up. I have seen Chris play both competitively and recreationally and can't say he was or is very impressive. Average at best. Some people just don't know when to hang it up. The Chris Daw fan club needs to accept that the good old days are just that "old".

On Sonja's comment the one thing I agree with is that the front end is what sets up the game. If they are doing their job the only thing the back end needs to do is throw guards otherwise the skip better know how to hit the broom and have his/her draw weight down or the game is lost. Way too much credit goes to the skip and third. On the other side of things it's pretty easy for Sonja to criticize the rest of us out there when there isn't any way for us to challenge her spot on the team. Talk about an old boys club. I have to agree with Eric on that part.

Congratulations Team Cormack, you deserve the credit that you've earned. For others to say that it was only one game and shouldn't be counted, they seem to have short memories. Your team proved themselves last year too. There are some of us out there cheering for you for winning the provincials and also will be cheering for you at the upcoming nationals.

Just my opinion and I'm entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

Please give your head a can not say bill out played chris by any means. Missing the broom by a foot and a half to bounce off rocks and come into play does not out play any one. Same for Macdonald who never made a shot in that game until the 7th end. Give me a break.

Even Cormack miss by a foot and came up looking like a rose. Christ you people need ot learn this game.

How the hell can you say you have seen chris play either recreational or competive. He only played competivtie this past weekend and never plays recreationally, so opinionator your full of shit!

Talk to him if you have the guts to come out from the shadows and put a name to yourself.

Anyone who has talk to Chris in the last 3 years knows he is not the same guy so again, your full of shit!

This guys helped this program get the funding it has today. Has trained a lot of the guys playing today, not to mention very thing else he does in the background.

You don't have to be a fan of Chris Daw in order to know what he has done for this sport.

Remeber Chris only played second for Jim. What happen to either Daryl or Jim and their performance. They should have been able to close even if he screwed up. Give me a break.

Point fingers were at who they should be. Jim or Daryl.

Stop having Chris be the target of attacks, they all verge on slander and frankly Eric should police statements a little better

Anonymous said...

Might want to ask who paid for Jim and Darryl to fly into Kimberley. Not them? I hear Curl BC paid their flights to go? Anyone know for sure?

Anonymous said...

Thew second to last poster has to be Chris....NO ONE DEFENDS A FRONT END PLAYER LIKE THAT. I do believe that this playoff was like the WC curling of old....first in is the winner.....especially on heavy ice.

What I saw was that both Darryl and Chris had a tough time, and by the time it got to Jim he was trying long distance raises, etc.

Chris, accept the fact that you were part of the problem

Eric Eales said...

To the person who has just presented a comment beginning:'Dear Eric
As a concerned reader I must both commend you and ask you a question."

I would be happy to discuss any aspect of the blog by phone or email.

I can always be reached by email at

Kelly D. said...

Well, I am not Chris but who knows maybe I could be Jim, or daryl or bob or frank.

I know that when Chris is on here he signs his name, So maybe I should.

or maybe I should be like everyone else. a shadow.

Ah no.......

Chris Daw said...


I wanted to send you a note to ensure and your readers that I have NOT been blogging. I am not sure why people think I do but at last I have not been. When I do I shall sign my name as I have nothing to hide.

It was a honour to be involved this weekend and as curling goes so did my teams games. Many things make up a loss and the responsibility for a win or a loss is shared by the team. This time around was not my teams time. Who knows what tomorrow may bring. I thank my team for a great time on the weekend, win , lose or draw.

My congrats to Gary, Frank , Vince and Alison. They played well and it was well deserved win.

Please continue your work Eric, it does provide some entertainment sometimes and at other times it does provide some good information.


Chris Daw

Jack Smart said...

Congrats to Gary, Frank, Vince and Alison. Looking forward to seeing you in Edmonton.
Stay healthy and see you soon.


Anne Hibberd said...

I was in Kimberly this past weekend as a spectator, and was there when the teams came off the ice at the end of the semifinal. Both teams were shocked and surprised by the outcome (as we all are) however Jim, Daryl, Chris and Jacqueline were nothing but gracious and good sports over their loss. Upsets happen, that is curling, how you handle those situations is what really matters.
Congratulatons Gary, Frank, Vince & Allison, see you in Edmonton

Anonymous said...

I think it was a great idea for Jim and Darryl (and Sonja for trying to get there) to even go and support the provinicals. Remeber, they are off to Prague next week for about two full weeks when you include travel, and I am sure they had other things they could have been doing.

And as for Chris playing, good for him as well as Jim Darryl and Jacqueline for bringing him along.

I would be interested to know if they will play next year.

Anonymous said...

How is it that Jim and/or Chris are not allowed to lose? It seems everyone revels in their loss. Did either of them say the were going to win, or did everyone else say it for them?

It seems that quite simply, if they win they are bullies, and if they lose, the whole world rejoices.

Were we not proud of Canada in the Paralympics, or did that just suit everyone for the moment? Remember, a lot of wc curling money relates to exposure, andwinning brings exposure.

Well done for supporting the Provincials, and well done, Gary and his team.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note that there has not been a suggestion about the kind of shots Bob's team, as well as Gary's made against Jim. On a number of occasions, the stones were thrown so bad that they hit WRONG stones and would up in places that couldn't be reached. In fact, as Bob first stone on the 8th end shows, when he misses a hit so badly, it would have hit the side boards 10 feet in front of the house, BUT it wicked off a stone and wound up 3rd shot. Perhaps everyone should remember the unbelievable luck they enjoyed on many occasions, and stop vilifying Jim, Darryl and Chris.

They at least participated, which is more than many others in BC can say.

Anonymous said...

WHERE DID POST 31 GO? When did you become so timid?

How often do you edit responses?

Eric Eales said...

My default position is to allow all comments, but I do edit to remove the obscenities, the four letter words, the obvious trolls, the transparently untrue, the childish rants and tantrums and comments directed solely at me, my parentage, my intelligence, my allegiance to or hatred of Jim Armstrong, Chris Daw, the CCA or my inability to see things the way that the commenter sees them.

It is not possible for me to have a public conversation with people who wish to hide their identity.

Should I allow anonymous comments for the occasional insights they provide, or insist posters identify themselves? Sadly, without editing, the trolls and the disturbed take over.

This blog's comment feature is intended to be a service. If it upsets you, don't read it.

Anonymous said...

Team Canada continues to do there part at both the provincial and national level through particapation and clinics. Iona just finished with Wendy in Quebec and Sonja and Darrel are in Grimsby Ontario this weekend. In between all of this they are preparing to leave for Prague Tuesday for the worlds,receiving a very prestigous award as a team Saturday night in Toronto and training to win another world championship. Congradulations team!

frank said...

Hi Eric - long time player, first time blogger. I was there. The ice was slow, the ones who read the ice first did well. Bob's team played a good game. There is only one team that had thrown bad stones. They got third. As for Jim you have three players to set you up. Did not happen you were looking at a wall every time. That's good curling We have a lot of really great curlers in B.C. If some one thows a bad stone that ends up a good one that's a bonus. I will take that any day, so would Jim. We are all at that level of play but there can only be five. Jim I enjoy playing with you and against you, it's been a lot of fun. Now to kick some butt at nationals.

Anonymous said...

Frank, You hit it on the money. I have NEVER heard anything negative about Jim on the ice. You are ma guy that has seen him as a team mate and an opponent, and your description is right on. Congrats on the win, and I'll bet Jim will be your biggest supporter in Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Frank. I'm heartened that people can get over the pettiness and grudges they hold for no real reason.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we can get on with issues that don't involve Chris Daw and Jim Armstrong?

Anonymous said...

Frank said it best. They found a way to beat Jim.

And they also realize that Jim is a good guy.

Anything else need to be answered?

Steve Tersmette said...

Howdy all,

I've been following the blog since we hosted the event last weekend. I'll start by saying I'm a little shocked at some of the posts (and I guess that's why they are signed anonymously). Curling is a classy game with a lot of classy people playong it. If you feel differently, keep it to yourself.

I had a chance to meet and interact with all the competitors throughout the course of the weekend and, while I do not know any of them personally, I will say that they were the some of the most polite, casual group of people I have had the priveledge of meeting and I am fortunate to have seen them all play.

In regards to the ice, it was not the best that we were able to give them. It was slow and we fought with humidity spikes all weekend long. Nonetheless, we got to see some great curling by all three teams through out the weekend. And at the end of the weekend, it was Gary's team that was the most consistent, caught on to the ice and won the event.

Congratulations team Cormack. Good luck in Edmonton and thank you for introducing Kimberley to Wheelchair Curling.

Steve Tersmette, President
Kimberley Curling Club

Vince Miele said...

To Steve, the Club, the volunteers, and the City of Kimberley, on behalf of our team I want to thank you for doing a fantastic job and making the City proud. It was a privilege to be there for the entire time and although I felt embarrassed that three players left before the final and the award presentations, I guess they had their reasons.
Thank you again for the first class job. Well done!!