Saturday, February 5, 2011

BC Provincials - Day 2

In the second Draw of the BC Provincials this morning, Bob Mcdonald faced Jim Armstrong without his most experienced player. Team Canada lead Sonja Gaudet, who was to play 3rd for Mcdonald, was unable to travel from Vernon because of road and weather conditions.

Playing with a three member team, they were overrun 10-0 by Team Armstrong, giving up steals in each of the 6 ends before handshakes.

Mcdonald did get on the scoreboard in his afternoon match against Cormack, taking one with hammer and then stealing a point. He held Cormack to one in the 3rd, but the lead was short-lived, as Cormack stole the next 9 points to win 10-2 in 7 ends.

Line scores are HERE

Tomorrow's 9AM semi-final is between Armstrong and Mcdonald; the winner playing Cormack at 2PM for the provincial title.

Bob Mcdonald, Bill Lindstrom and Samantha Siu


Anonymous said...

Armstrong in a walk eh..... Is there a back door for the team with 2 losses to the final?????

Very INTERESTING.........

Anonymous said...

Yes there was and 3 of them took it. left before the medal presentations!