Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elisabeth Young-Walker of CurlBC's Adaptive Outreach Program

The CCA's website has an article on the programme assistant for CurlBC's Adaptive Outreach initiative, Elisabeth Young-Walker, a 4-time Paralypiam swimmer and Assistant Chef de Mission for the London 2012 Paralympic Summer Games. She is currently developing an adaptive program to get children with disabilities involved in curling. While the goal is to promote the sport through fun games and not focus solely on wheelchair curling, many of the concepts can be adopted for on-ice play.

Elisabeth Walker-Young hopes to reach 50 to 70 children and youth this year. A retired Paralympian with a background in adaptive sport and sport administration, she strives to increase awareness and opportunities so that one day others may follow in her footsteps; whether by pursuing an active life or achieving success at the international level. For more details about the program or if you have a fun title for the program, please contact her directly at ewalkeryoung@curlbc.ca 

The program is funded through CurlBC's share of 50/50 money raised during the Olympics and Paralympics.

You can read what she has to say HERE.

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