Friday, February 18, 2011

Change in policy for comments

One of the major reasons for starting this blog, was to give followers of wheelchair curling the opportunity to have their say in a way that was difficult for me to implement on the website. People do have opinions, and those opinions were often interesting and thought provoking, even if they did not carry an identity.

My default position has been to allow all comments that were not obscene, obvious trolls, patentently untrue, or personally abusive. While there have been people who abused anonymity, and from time to time unkind things said, I think the comments to posts by and large have provided a valuable service and a worthwhile duplication of effort on my part. And of course readers of posts must seek out comments, so they are easily ignored if found upsetting.

I am going to make a change to the policy however. People posting comments must now enter either a Google ID, an Open ID, or provide a name and/or URL.

Posting by using the Anonymous button, though possible, will mean that your comment will go unseen.

I get a lot of comments addressed to me personally. I will not post those unless I think they contain information of general interest. If you have comments or criticism about the way I manage this blog, contact me by email so that I have the opportunity to respond.

I can be reached at


Doug Morris said...

Glad to hear it, Eric! I think if people have something to say, they should be willing to stand, or sit ;), behind it by posting their identity. I think we'll begin to see a more constructive blog going forward.

Bruce Cameron said...

Thank You Eric

Ken Gregory said...

Good going Eric.

Corinne said...

Hi Eric,
I applaud your step forward in this regard. Now all those people who have something to say will have to take responsibility for their views. On a side note last night I was once again asked about the "Jim Armstrong" issue and found myself saying that it is not up to me to pass judgemnt on him as I do not sit in his shoes nor do I know the how's and why's. We are all human and we make many mistakes in our lives. I just lost my dad and this has had an profound impact on me. I truly believe we all need to turn the page and find more consideration for that we do not know. Life is hard for each and everyone of us. I care and support everyone I have had the pleasure to meet and now call my friends through Wheelchair curling. I hope one day to curl with the best our country has. It is my dream and it is up to me to try to achieve this goal.
I send and wish Team Canada all the best in Prague, and send them my strenght faith and hope for GOLD!