Friday, October 23, 2009

More from Kinross plus photos and another Goose miracle

Team Canada - Kinross 2009 1st
Bruno Yizek, Darryl Neighbour, Ina Forrest, Jim Armstrong

(Sonja Gaudet played lead - not in picture)

Team Germany 2nd
Jens Gabel,Christine Steger,Caren Totzauer,Marcus Seiger,Jens Jager.

You can read the official report from the Kinross International HERE and see team photos of the medalists on the blog. The report describes, in a tone of wonder, Team USA skip 'Goose' Perez's shot that snatched bronze from Switzerland. Canadian supporters may remember he executed a similarly spectacular shot to beat Canada at the 2009 Worlds.


. said...

Bruno fans, and I know from my email there are many - here's a photo that includes him.

Sonja fans, and I know from your email you are also numerous - please scroll down to the previous post.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Team Canada, and especially Jim. He has had a real tough go these past months, and it is great to see him back at it.

Matt D. said...

So I re posted my comments here from a lower post because I think it is very important for people to be informed. Just like Eric does with this webpage.

However, sometimes what needs to be said is not always, the fell good stuff. I appauld you ERIC for allowing this truth to be posted! Where you agree with it or not the truth needs to be told.

To many players in this games are in AH mode because of JIm and only those few who are willing to look pass the surface, do real research and state the facts are willing to go against the CCA franchise of Gerry Peckham buddy , buddy.

Read the rules of the IPC not the CCA or even the WCF and JIM is NOT PERMITTED TO PLAY!!!! orry, Jim Fans. And Chris, why don't you have the guts to come out from behind your silence and finally tell the truth of why you leaft or more over how you got pushed out because of JOe and Gerry.

Stand up be the man you where!!!!Some one who stood up and spoke there mind! Not hide, I know you have the knowledge to pull this together. Email is here.....

Oh, so uninformed. Read the documents to which the WCF are bond by.

1 classfier is NOT permemnted to classify.

And to expad on the Dr. Newell issue, well Yes she did classify him but not for wheelchair curling. Wheelchair Basketball where the rules are for domestic ONLY. Even W/C Basketball does not allow 4.5 AB players to play international. READ PEOPLE READ!

Dr. Newell board lined classified him, just like Misty T. from Basketball. The rules are clear for classification and even she had to be seen by 3 to 9 classifiers before she could play NOT 1 guy calling the shots. Come on......

JIM ARMSTRONG by rules of IPC should not be playing!!!!!!

I will be happy to send the links along and help you out!

Matt D. said...

So inorder to undertsand this posting you must do 2 things....

1 . A little reading and research of this blog.

2. RESEARCH of classification and elgiablity for international Paralympic play.

I have looked at the big picture, I have researched and researched , MAYBE you should .

IPC has not classified him as Jim has not been to a Paralympics which is the only time an IPC classification can occur, so in that you are wrong.

Ipc states clear that a minimum of 3 classifier MUST assess the eligable athlete So that is wrong.

And please don't confuse someone like Chris Sob. which Jim A. as this like Apples to Oranges.

The WCF in a video article last year had problem with double leg amps playing and said they could not PLay so why the change all of a sudden to allow Jim to play .

You people need to back up your comments and come out into the open and stop hiding behind a curtain of Anonyomus!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let' ee now, Matt D.:

Harrison, representing the WCF said that amputees were ineligible, but many already play, and were cassified by the WCF. Jim wa declared eligible as well.

Are you suggesting that there will be a huge change in opinion prior to the Paralympics because everyone will be classified by the IPC? I think not. They will acceept the approvals of the WCF.

I don't know what your problem with Jim is, bu you had best accept the fact that you arre suggesting the CCA, WCF, CPC and many players are cheating.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating Stuff Matt...I've done the suggested reading and it looks as though Matt is indeed very correct. What does Team Canada do now? All the other countries are now privy to this info and may very well start asking questions...Very interesting with the paralympics not far away. Will Canada simply turn a blind eye and hope nothing comes of it and risk potentially being stripped of a possible medal? Or will they address the issue and attempt to find a solution?

Matt Dwyer said...

Again, sorry for this but readers in later post question,what I a saying. Thank you to readers aboefor thesupport n the facts.

Below is an aswer to a post... lowedown on the page ad I don't want this subject to be lost.

What dos Canada do...follow the rules

What do the world do...I hope theProtest Jim's involvmet, and protest to the IPC and WCF.

If the want hel in doing so, leave a post on here and I will gladly help!!!!


So let me break down the questions of what I am stating like this.

Question then answer and so on.....

First off Matt D, or whoever you are.

At Least I have the guts to put my name forward unlike your self who will not sign their name to this posting.

Perhaps you can tell us what else the CCA has to do to confirm Jim' eligibility?

The CCA needs to follow the IPC rules of classification for one and 2 follow others rules as a well. Including Sport Canada's SFAF rules to state that Athlete representation MUST be on the Board of Directors for both ABle Bodied and Paralympic representation and have voting power. So Please don't talk out of the side of your A^& on this one when you don't undertand how many rules the CCA breaks at all levels of government.

Is there anything else in the WCF's arsenal which will negate Jim's eligibility?

The WCF is in the process of creating a classification system for wheelchair curling which will deem Jim INegilable post 2010 and make the palying field more fiar fair for all disiablities, Again, don't talk to what you don't know about.

Is Dr. Newell, a well respected IPC classifier, who approved Jim twice (for Wheelchair Curling), not above board?

Dr. Newell is well repsected but DI NOT nor could NOT classify Jim for Wheelcahir curling because NO classiification system exisits so again stop talking and research. She classified him for Wheelcahir Basketball, Ask her!!!!

Can you blame the CCA for exploring Jim's eligibility?

Yes, I can if it prevents someone with a disability from competing. Regardless of medals or not. Don't take opportunity from those with more limtied competive opportunity in a sport which does not allow for play in able bodied sport!

Have you talked to Jim's teammates to hear what they have to say?

Those teammates you speak of...well...when there dreams of a medal are held in the hands of one person what do you tink they would say....That team with Jim would not win and we all know it!!!!I guess I am the only one willing to say anything!

Have you talked to Jim?

Why would I, When I emailed him, no answer yet Eric seems to be able to speak with him any time. Why is he hiding from emails that question him, I wonder????

Do all your homework, Matt D and Bruce.

I have, what have you done. I have work with in the paralympic system at IPC levels for over 10 years so don't question the facts!!!

Or are you two simply whining?

Whining, NO , I am Simply point out the rules, like them or not. Maybe you should and the rest of the players out here. I fugure the minute JIm fails , one time you will all hide behind the Anonomyous and pull him apart just like the rest of the players that where Team Canada

Nobody else seems to share your opinions.

Well, you opinion, but we all know that allot of players are AFRAID to speak there mind about the CCA and the National Program, Allot don't want to be alined with support becuase of Gerry or JOe stopping them from making a team any where in Canada or for Canada one day.

In an unfair world, there MUST be a voice for those afriad to have one. I can back my voice up not just with my opinion but an opion based on written fact and then I support that with my NAME what about YOU!!!!!!!

Whoever you are....

Anonymous said...

Oh and am I suggestig theyare cheating,no THEY ARE CHEATING.

Anonymous said...

im ha been approved by the world governing body. No complaints from other countries.

This is a done and long beaten up deal

Anonymous said...

Okay, Matt D. you proudly suggest that you say who you are, but nobody knows you. Who are you?

Anonymous said...

The CCA did hey made an appointment to have Jim evaluated, he was assessed , and that is that. How did the CCA cheat?

Anonymous said...

So who is a Matt D....if no one knows who you are, you are as anonymous as everyone else.

Further, Jim would be eligible for any IPC sport.

Matt Dwyer said...

Can anyone dispute these fact?????

Anonymous said...

So, Matt Dwyer,what is your connection to wheelchair curling?

It seems you are certainly anti-establishment and anti-Armstrong.

Do you know Jim?

Do you understand the amount of media coverage and increased credibility we have enjoyed bacause of him?

Anonymous said...

Matt Dwyer:

Who are you, and what city do you live?

No one seems to know you, so you are poting anonymouly a well.

Jim had been assessed and approved.....end of a lomng story

Anonymous said...


Help end this issue.

Are you aware of any appeal of Jim's eligiblity?

Was their any provisions on Jim's approval?

How can the WCF reverse a physician's decision?

Will Dr. Newell be a WCF assessor?

Anonymous said...

Matt D:

NO ONE will protest Jim's involvement for two reasons:

1) He has been assessed and deemed eligible

2) He is by far the best thing to hit our sport and gt appropriate media attention.

I am afraid you are on your own, Mattie-boy

Matt Dwyer said...

So my connection, well I worked for the IPC on the development and classification committee and worked with Sport Canada. My connection to wheelchair curling is the guy who is developing the classification system for the sport. Does this help!!!!!!

Again, don't talk at a level you can not back up.

And why has no country questioned JIM< because they have not known until now!!!!

And Canada has no classifiers for wheelchair curling , like I said no one does ONLY 1 guy from Scotland who calls the Shots.....Read before you speak!

Anonymous said...

And who is this guy who supposedly is developing a system?

Sounds like he is a little ahead of himself, since there are not enough player to classify

Matt Dwyer said...

Ok, Not enough players , 250 in Canada alone ober 375 around the world. I think there is more then enough players to establish and implement a classification system which should have been done 4 years ago!

Anonymous said...


I don't know the CCA or Jim did to you, but you certainly have a jaundiced point of view.

Peckham was given the task (and financing) to produce a winner by 2010. It would appear the program is on track with a win lat spring, the team now preparing for Paralympics.

Jim has been assessed by the ONLY assesor that could qualify him. Tne WCF tend to do their own thing despite the concerns of the CCA. If you think not, have a look at the stress now with who controls World Championships in Canada.

No, Matt, Jim will play....he i eligible, and Dr. Burt will defend his decision to the end, and the CPC were aware of the issue, and support Jim.

Even Chris Daw supported Jim being approved, to his detriment.

He is in, and that is that.

Bruce Cameron said...

Well "anonymous(ies)" you won't sign your name nor give your background and yet you will not accept a gentleman who does both put his name to what he says and furhter gives you his background. And once again you are wrong about the number of players to classify...there are many, many wheelchair curlers in Canada....our club in Ottawa has 26 registered curlers, Calgary has many, Thunder Bay/Kenora have large active clubs and I could go on and on with the active wheelchair curlers in Canada and it is growing. It is unfortunate that you "left coasters" think wheelchair curling and wheelchair curlers only exist on your side of the mountains....I would suggest investing in a periscope so you can see the rest of the country....please do ur reseach....

Anonymous said...

So, Bruce:

Is Jim in or out, in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

We are still back to the question of WHO Matt Dwyer one has heard of him before, no one seems to have ever heard of him now.....I'll bet I can get a handle to pot that says I am Jim...does that help?

Matt Dwyer said...

Well the CPC does not get involved in who makes a team or not and was not aware of Jim playing nor did they formally support it.

Come people stop tlk about things you don't know and for god's sake state your name!!!

And you would know hwo I am if you read these posts.

Anonymous said...


You remain anonymous, since nobody has ever heard of you.......identify yourself....

And Bruce, if you think a few hundred players spread across Canada in 10 different provinces suggest doing away with a select team, you are crazy.

William B. said...

WOW, now you all want selction, are you kidding me. A year ago you all hated selections, now you love them.

What do you people want? You are all so fickle it is not funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

William B

To the contrary, the only anonymous touting selection are also in favour of Jim.

I, for one, do not favour selection, but the reality is that for Canada to even have a chance of winning, selection is a must, and Jim has to be part of the equation....and, for the record, Jim's eligibility is not in question.

Bruce Cameron said...

Yet another anonymous person now accusing me of wanting to do away with selection......The method of selecting a team has never entered this current point was in response to yet another anonymous person saying there were not enough wheelchair curlers to classify....there is.Is Jim in or out? That is not up to me or you to decide. If you have an interest in wheelchair curling and have been a reader of wheelchair curling dot com for the last few years you would know that from the outset I have never been personally against Jim Armstrong as a person or a curler past or present. My concerns are with the CCA and Gerry Peckham and the method that they brought Jim into the original pool of selectees for Team Canada. Jim did not go through the scrutiny that all the others did to get to that pool of curlers. He was "parachuted" in. Regardless of what has happened since, that is still my argument and always will be.....and by the way I am not alone with that view.
For all you anonymousies who can not accept who Matt D is, after he has told you who he is, what he did and what he is doing just blows my mind that you continue to question his credibility when you continue to hide behind anonymous and expect others to believe what you say as if it was the gospel....who are u people....are u ashamed of what you are saying....tell us honestly who you are and what your background one is going to arrive in your driveway and flatten your tires if you use your real name....from my first post on this site, I have used my name and have never had a flattened tire or any physical abuse....verbal abuse from the anonymous "vultures" yes....but let me tell you, I have a pointed head and sloped shoulders and the crap just rolls off....... so get with the program and tell us who you are .... isn't it time that wheelchair curlers and followers from coast to coast work together for the betterment of the sport .....

Anonymous said...

Well. Matt D, whoever you are......I am the Queen of England, but people KNOW of ME.....

I am afraid you blew your credibility when you so succinctly said that the CPC were unaware of Jim playing, and?or woudn't approve of him.

The fact is that Jim is on their speaker's list....guess you aren't as quite in the know as you do I know? I talked to Jim at an engagement on July 1 at Willowbrook Mall

Anonymous said...


I don't why you have refused to post my opinion about Matt D.

(rest of post omitted)

. said...

Because (and you are not alone) I grew tired of the name-calling and the fact that for several days now all people have had to say on the subject has been said over and over again.

Posts here, especially anonymous posts, need at a minimum to be more than personal venting and repetition of what has already been said. As a poster, take a second to consider whether anyone else, someone who does not know you, might find it interesting. Are you adding to their understanding of an issue, even of they might not agree with your perspective?

You do not have a "right" to post here. Any complaints need to go to my personal email

Anonymous said...

FAct is Eric, that Matt D. has anonymously, since no one in our sport know him, put forward a very negative view of our National Skip, and it is categorically wrong, but if you follow these threads, without the balance of proving that he is not well connected, and IS WRONG, people may well tend to believe his untruthful provocation.

Ban us, if you like, Eric, but then delete his posts, as well.

Anonymous said...

Well said, the last blogger. I, too, believe that "Matt D" has presented his point of view which he may well WISH was right, but, obviously, with Jim's ongoing involvement is far from accurate.

Let us get on with other news, like the Richmon event this coming week (OH YEAH, Jim will be kipping team Canada, I am sure.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Matt D., I meant Jim will be Skipping

Phil Craven said...

Oh Please People, follow his links and READ!!!!

Matt D. is write in what he says and if you read Sport Canada's website you will know he his right on those points as well.

What you guys don't like is....he is right and has take it into the public eye. Who cares if no ones know him, read and follow up on his points and his is right. I don't know any of you....WHY...because none of you EVER sign your names. So why can you cut a guy down who does. Who are you....well...who are you, I don;t know, no ones does.

Follow the facts that he points out, and, research and you will all know he is right. WIll Jim keep skipping , YES for now or until someone or some country reads the points of view and calls the WCF, CCA or IPC into question.

Stay onto the point of what the guy is trying to say, and less on who he is because none of us really know who any one is.

And those with the guts to actually sign your name, congrats!!!! Eric, maybe you should go back to the old sytem of actually signing in because all this crap would end, because no one would comment because of the fear, another point Matt Dwyer makes. I appluade you Matt Dwyer (or who ever you are) you , Bruse, EVER Eric backs up his post.

Eric, keep up the good work on posting both the good, the bad and keeping out the real redunant stuff.