Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Canada 2-0 after Day 1 of Kinross International

Canada won against Scotland (7-0) and Norway (7-4) on the opening day of the Kinross International. "We played well and were pretty much in control of both games," said Jim Armstrong.

"Last year they had shaved the rocks, and there was a huge amount of late swing, but this year it's a great surface and the rocks have had a year to bed in, so we're getting a very manageable 2-3 feet of swing on draws.

"Great Britain struggled a bit today but they are throwing with a lot more confidence than at the Worlds. I think they have been practicing all summer and it shows. Sweden are also playing exceptionally well under Tomas Nordin, and i have been impressed with Norway's new coach, Per Christensen. Canada have a big target on our backs, and that's all good.

"At the moment we are thinking that we will keep our front end and our back end together, so Bruno will fill in for anyone unable to play, rather than reconfigure the whole team. Darryl will sit out our final round robin game against Switzerland to give Bruno some ice time."

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