Thursday, October 15, 2009

Norwegian Open begins October 16 at Halden Curling Ctr.

The Halden Curling Centre is hosting the 2009 Norwegian Open October 16-18. Canada, Great Britain, Scotland, Sweden, USA and a two-team split Norwegian squad are competing.

As Team Canada left for their tour, which includes the Kinross Invitational October 20-22, it was unclear how much throwing injured skip Jim Armstrong would be able to manage, though his presence with the team, after being unable to attend any of the pre-season training camps, will bring off-ice benefits that warrant him making the trip. He needs to reconnect with the team, see how they are playing and also see teams he will have to beat next March.

It is difficult o imagine that Armstrong won't skip at the Paralympics, but it is feasible he may not throw last rocks. If that happens, roles that appeared established, may have to change. For example, and this is pure speculation, if Jim threw lead, would Sonja play 2nd, or would Bruno or would Ina stay put?

What would your Team Canada line-up be placing Jim at skip throwing lead stones, and why? Comments are open.

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