Thursday, October 8, 2009

CCA announces 2010 team and Bob Weeks tells a story

The CCA has finally officially announced Canada's 2010 Paralympics team, fortunately unchanged from our earlier post.

CEO Greg Stremlaw sends his personal congratulations to the team and Team Leader Wendy Morgan says: "This has been a three-year journey in a comprehensive selection process. It has been a difficult process at times, as it is not exclusively a skill-based decision but encompasses team dynamics, peer assessment, performance in competition and positional aptitude."

Which is a tacit acknowledgment that however diligently statistics are compiled, and they were, in the end selection is made on the coach's and in Canada's (special) case the skip's gut feelings about which combination of individuals are most likely to produce a gold medal.

Curling writer Bob Weeks is pleased to see Jim Armstrong at the helm and shares a memory of Jim at a Brier.


Anonymous said...

Big Jim is truly a legend, and a huge asset to our game

Anonymous said...

Where would our media coverage be without Armstrong?

He has brought this sport to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Do ya think Jim adds some colour to our game???????

Anonymous said...

So what happens to Gerry and Chris now? Are they out of the pool and does this now open it up for some fresh blood? It would be good to see some new faces.