Friday, October 2, 2009

Scots building skills and interest by challenging regular curlers

Michael McCreadie, Aileen Nielson, Tom Killin and Angie Malone

Bob Cowan photographed four members of the Great Britain Paralympic team competing at the Dewar's Rink in the Wednesday Perth Super League. It's an excellent opportunity to practice the game calling skills they'll need to beat Jim Armstrong's Team Canada.

While the GB team has been set, it has not been finally decided who will skip. There is some talk among Scots supporters that though Michael McCreadie played 3rd to Frank Duffy during the period that Scotland were World Champions, he might not have the temperament best suited to skipping and throwing 4th stones. His partner and team mate Aileen Nielson, has had experience at skip and newly returned Angie Malone has also had success skipping her domestic team.

Front: L-R: Ian Donaldson, Jim Taylor, Angie Malone, Jim Elliott, Bill Masterton.
Back: David Hird, Euan Byers, Peter Smith, Graeme Connal, David Murdoch, Andrew Bain.

At the beginning of September Scot Jim Taylor challenged World Champion David Murdoch to a game at Stirling to raise funds for the Marie Curie Big Build Hospice Appeal. The event was organised by Give Them a Sporting Chance, which is a registered charity giving carers and those with disabilities, of all ages, the opportunity to make their sporting or recreational dreams come true.

Though Jim's wheelchair team were not able to overcome a shaky start to the 6 end exhibition, he said, “Give Them A Sporting Chance provided seamless organisational skills and what can I say about GB Men’s Olympic coach David Hay and Team Murdoch taking on this challenge in the year leading up to Olympics? Fantastic! The whole event emphasised camaraderie, friendship and good sportsmanship. It was a surreal experience and passed by too fast.”

The bonus from Logan Gray: "Immediately after this event, there was an Active Stirling Come and Try opportunity for wheelchair curlers at The Peak. Four new wheelchair curlers turned up and thoroughly enjoyed learning the basics of curling and have come back for follow up coaching sessions. Wheelchair curling is a growing network with clubs being started all over Scotland and plans are now in place for Stirling to become a new centre for wheelchair curlers to take to the ice." (Thanks Bob Cowan)

For more information on wheelchair curling, please contact Logan Gray at Active Stirling on 01786 432323.

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