Thursday, November 3, 2011

Richmond International Day 2

Canada I were caught napping with an 8-1 lead allowing Chris Sobkowicz's Manitoban Cacade team to post a 4 in the 6th end. They awoke to post a 4 of their own and complete a 12-5 victory in the morning draw. They posted another 12 in the afternoon, allowing Quebec just a single point in seven ends: Quebec's first defeat after their morning 6-1 defeat of BC. 

Canada II have settled on an unusual line-up with Mark Ideson skipping from lead, in front of trendal Hubley-Bolivar, Darlene Jackman and Mike Munro. They posted their first win, 5-4 over USA in 6 ends in the morning draw before whitewashing the RCD host team 11-0 in Draw 4. RCD could be forgiven if they felt a little shell-shocked having been hammered 13-0 in just 3 ends by Alberta in the morning.

USA stole 2 in the 7th and final end in a 6-4 win over Bruno Yizek's Alberta and BC suffered their second loss of the day - 9-3 to Manitoba's Cancade.

Standings after Draw 4

Canada I  4 - 0
Quebec    3 - 1
Alberta   2 - 2
Cancade   2 - 2
USA       2 - 2
Canada II 2 - 2
BC        1 - 3
RCD       0 - 4

Draw and rosters are available HERE

Day 2 line scores are available HERE


Unknown said...

I helped with the rocks at today`s games, and watched with interest the teams....

Jim Armstrong and company are so far ahead of the field it is unbelievable. I know there are issues with a select team, but if funding and performance are linked, then no question this works. Team Manitoba have hope, but seem to have team issues.

Quebec throw well, but can`t seem to make the big shot when under pressure.

Great event, and great comraderie.

Barb said...

It would be nice to know the positions Team Canada 2 are playing in each end.

. said...

As I said above Canada II (as related to me by Wendy Morgan) are:

Mark Ideson lead and skipping
Trendal Hubley-Bolivar 2nd
Darlene Jackman 3rd
Mike Munro 4th