Sunday, November 27, 2011

English team looking for some support

 Stephen McGarry, Jeff Ward, Stewart Pimblett and Paula Longrigg
as featured on Bob Cowan's blog

Four avid wheelchair curlers, fairly new to the ice but experienced in other sports, are looking for coaching support and sponsorship towards their goal of becoming a competitive team worthy of representing England.

Stephen McGarry, Jeff Ward, Stewart Pimblett and Paula Longrigg live in the north of England, and travel to Kelso for their curling. They competed at the 2011 British Championships, finishing with a 2-2 record after a narrow 6-5 defeat by pool leader Rosemary Lenton in the final round robin draw.

At present Scotland dominates British curling because they have the curling ice. Though England and Wales have competed at World events in the past, Team Scotland inevitably becomes Team Great Britain, and indeed any Paralympic qualification points that might be earned in Britain outside of Scotland are by agreement ceded to the Scots.

As an ex-pat Englishman I'm cheered to see a challenge to this hegemony and I hope there are people left in England who can provide these pioneers with some much needed support.

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Stewart Pimblett said...

Thanks Eric for you kind blog.

This is a completely different sport to what were use to but ever since Tom Killin invited us up to have a go a year ago, we have loved every minute. just hope we can keep it up. Everyone At Kelso Ice Rink & the staff at the RCCC have been very supportive. it's a great Sport & were meeting lovely people every time we get on the ice.

Stewart Pimblett & the Northern Ice Team