Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Welcome to the Wheelchair Curling Blog

I have designed it to complement the website.

This blog will mirror the posts added to the News and Articles sections of, allowing you to add your comments.

The aim of the website is to provide a comprehensive resource for everyone interested in wheelchair curling including:

information on how you can become involved in wheelchair curling,
Le curling en fauteuil roulant : règles de base et trucs pour dénicher un club et jouer !
a recap of the history of wheelchair curling in Canada,
links to past Canadian Championships and other events,
as well as national and international news, and articles and commentary about our sport.

Wheelchair curling has been slow to capture the imagination of Canadian wheelchair users, despite the thousands of clubs and tens of thousands of potential wheelchair curlers and hundreds of thousands of curlers in Canada.

My hope is that as more people become aware of our sport, wheelchair curling will take its rightful place as the winter recreation of choice for Canadian wheelchair users.

The 2008 wheelchair curling season has ended in most parts of Canada with the completion of the 2008 TSX Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships in Winnipeg, and will not start up again until September. There will be a trickle of news till then, but in the meantime I will repost some of the items covered in the recent past on the website.

Please feel free to add your comments and experiences of wheelchair curling.

See you on the ice.

Eric Eales