Sunday, November 20, 2011

Norway takes Cathy Kerr final over Quebec as USA I fades

1st - Team Norway
 Jostein Stordahl, Terje Rafdal, Per Fagerhøi, Sissel Løchen, Ole Fredrik Syversen
with coach Thoralf Hognestad
Norway, playing without skip Rune Lorentsen who did not travel, took the $400 first prize at the 7th Cathy Kerr Memorial Spiel at the RA in Ottawa. They beat Chris Sobkowicz's national champions Team Cancade 7-3 in the pool cross-over semi-final, then faced Quebec, who handed USA I their first defeat 13-3 in the other semi.

2nd - Team Quebec
Johanne Daly, Sebastien Boisvert, Carl Marquis, Benoit Lessard
with coach Germain Tremblay

The  final went 9-5 to Norway; the margin, two in the 7th and a steal of two in the 8th.

Team Cancade edged USA I 6-5 for 3rd place.

3rd -  Team Cancade
George Horning, Chris Sobkowicz, Melissa Lecyer and Mark Wherrett
with coach Rob Lamb

Scores from the other cross-over games and results from all draws, plus team members, can be viewed HERE.

Final standings

Norway - gold
Quebec - silver
Cancade - bronze
Nfld & Lab

In the recreational division Quebec visitors Lenoxville prevailed over Michel with Simpson 3rd.
Lennoxville with coach/mentor Al Whittier
Winners of Recreational Division 2011 Cathy Kerr

Photos courtesy of Katie Paialunga's iPhone

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Congratulations team Norway and all the participants at the Cathy Kerr.

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