Saturday, November 5, 2011

Canada I sweeps to victory at Richmond International

Jim Armstrong's World Champion Canada I team of Darryl Neighbour, Ina Forest and Sonja Gaudet completed their round robin with a seventh win, gently over RCD 6-2, while second place Cancade pounded Alberta 10 - 1, stealing the last seven points.

USA took 3 in the  5th in a  6-2 win over BC, enough to lift them above Canada II who lost to Quebec 4-2 with just 5 ends played.

In the playoff, Canada I faced Manitoban Team Cancade for the $1,000 first prize and got off to a fast start, taking 3 with hammer. Cancade held them close the rest of the way but lost 7-5, earning the $600 second prize.

Quebec blanked USA 10-0 to take home $400 for third. Teams also earned  $50 for each round robin win.  

Standings after Draw 7

Canada I   7 - 0
Cancade    5 - 2
Quebec     5 - 2
USA        4 - 3
Canada II  3 - 4
Alberta    2 - 5
BC         2 - 5
RCD        0 - 7

Draw and rosters are available HERE

Draw 7 line scores are available HERE and playoff line scores are available HERE


Gerry D. said...

Watched the final.

Have helped with this event since its inception.

The whole field is light years ahead of five years ago.

Team Canada is confirmed as light years ahead of Canada`s national champions.

I do wonder, though, how impressive Team Canada would be without Jim.

Team Canada are definitely great ambassadors for the sport, and congrats to all.

Gerry D. said...

Team Canada vs National Winner concept.

Great concept after Jim retires.

It will be essentially no contest as yet.

Team Canada were never really pushed by any of the Provincial contenders

Tim Brown said...

Jim -a convicted criminal should not be representing Canada.

Gerry D. said...

Ignoring the facts we don't know, I guess Michael Vick should not be playing, either?

CCA looked hard at the situation, and Jim remains......CCA is the penultimate beaurocracy, and they supported Jim.

. said...

Jim has promised a full explanation of his side of the story as soon as his legal advisers permit and his son is back in Canada and out of reach of any potential repercussions.

I know many of us await his explanation.

Bruce Cameron said...

We are all entitled to our opinions and to express those opinions although we do not have to agree with each others opinions. I agree 100% with Tim's comment.
Gerry's comment about Michael Vick is not a comparable as he is not representing his country. How about the case of the young water polo player who was simply identified as participating in the Vancouver riots, not even charged and he was IMMEDIATELY suspended by the governing body of that sport. The CCA made the decision based on what they were told. Lets factor in the "old boys network" (Pecham/Armstrong) and to me this is a classic case of "bullshit baffling brains". The CCA has abandoned/let down the rest of the wheelchair curlers across Canada with their decision. There are many curlers who could be groomed for Team Canada if given the same support as the current team. You do not have to have decades of curling experience to be a winner. Example, the Richarson's out of SK won their first Brier and World championship for Canada with only a relatively few years of experience.

Tim Steward said...

Bruce has a point. Look at Daw he was kick out of the program never to return but NEVER did anything like what Jim did. Why did he not get support.

Other players, good players have been keep out of the program or left the program because of Armstrong.

When do wheelchair user get to play the game again. Not even the NEW team Canada can get a chance.

We should be developing new and maybe even some old players to replace the old boys club. When Jim is 60, Darryl is 64, Bruno is 60+ and the list goes on. Bring back some expereince and develop it to new levels. Bring in some new blood.