Tuesday, November 8, 2011

6th Annual US Open in Utica NY - November 11-13

The 6th Annual U.S. Open begins this Friday in Utica, NY. Eight teams will play a full round robin with head to head records, total ends or if necessary total points as tie-breaks.

There are eight teams registered. Patrick MacDonald skips the new-look Team USA I with Penny Greely, James Joseph and David Palmer. Bob Prenoveau skips USA II with Tim Kelly, JR Wynne and Meghan Lino. The American teams will be coached by Rusty Schieber.

Laughie Rutt, promoted to skip after Mike Fitzgerald's  move, is bringing a Nova Scotia side of Trendal Hubley-Bolivar, Debbie Earle and newcomer Keith Williams (see comments).

There are three Ontario teams who will be challenging again for provincial honours this season. Ottawa's Bruce Cameron brings Doug Morris, Jamie Eddy and Christine Lavallee. Branford's (ON) Ken Gregory skips Collinda Joseph, Frank Cannarella and Jim Primervera. Toronto's Chris Rees leads Carl Bax, Alec Denys and Shauna Petrie.

Benoit Lessard's Quebec team includes Carl Marquis, S├ębastien Boisvert and Johanne Daly. Ontarian Katie Katie Paialunga is in charge of a mixed Canadian/American squad with Jimmy Kenner, David Sawyer and Pam Wilson.

The Draw Schedule and Rules are HERE

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Michael Fitzgerald said...

It would be incorrect to describe Keith Williams as a newcomer. His first trip to the Nationals was in 2008 when he played for Team Atlantic in Winnipeg. The following year he played for NS Host when the Nationals were held in Nova Scotia and then he spared for Team NS in Kelowna and was called upon to play when sickness struck one of the players. Keith took last year off from curling when he was part of the NS Wheelchair Basketball team at the Canada Winter Games.

Good luck to Keith and the rest of the Nova Scotia team at Utica.