Friday, November 13, 2009

"We're technically more advanced," says Canada lead

Sonja Gaudet - Canada lead
photo John Sims - Team Canada

"Our technical ability is quite advance compared to other teams,” Canada lead Sonja Gaudet told her home town newspaper The Vernon Morning Star. [read article]


Anonymous said...

Pretty arogant comment by Sonja.....their only advantage is Armtrong and what he brings to the party.........

Technically? Try the Koreans or even Great Britain.........

Anonymous said...

Jim said: "This team is a great group. No egos, everyone working hard and willing to learn. I've told them that I wouldn't trade any one of them for anyone that I have seen play."

Hmmm, could this latest post just be sour grapes from Anonymous above?

Keep it up Sonja, you're doing great and you are entitled to your opinion which by the way is also shared by many of us.

Sonja Gaudet said...

unfortunately - the comment i made regarding our technical ability has been taken very much out of context....and by the first blooger - given a negative twist - therefore i feel the need to respond.

my comment was made with the utmost respect and confidence that i have in my teammates technical ability - to execute the shots that jim calls. each and every one of them has a step by step process required prior to releasing the stone - one which more often than not - ends up with a positive result. i admire all of them for the time and effort they have put into establishing a process that works for them and their abilities.

yes - we have a huge advantage due to the fact that jim is our "strategic leader!" and bringing years of experience and knowledge to our game and sharing it with all of us - please don't think for a second that we are not aware of this.

but.....we do actually have to give jim the shots that he calls - and that happens for many reasons -one of which is solid technial ability.

i could go on and on - but i am not going to do that. i just hope that i have been able to clarify any misunderstanding that this comment may create when taken out of context.

i would just like to say in closing that there is no arrogance or egos on this team. it is kind of sad though - that someone feels the need to put a negative spin on an innocent and positive remark.

thanks for listening.....lets move forward with this sport :)

. said...

I have corrected the link in this post to point to the Vernon newspaper in which the quote was published.

I don't think Sonja needs to apologise for stating that Team Canada are technically superior to most, if not all the teams they will meet. That's a result of the financial support, professional coaching and guidance from Jim that all members of Team Canada receive - and of course the hard work she herself has put into her performance.