Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Canada overwhelm opposition - Day 1 Richmond International

The Richmond Centre For Disability sponsored event began with piper Jamie Thompson leading out the teams and acting Mayor Linda Barnes throwing the ceremonial first rock. Then things got serious as Canada faced Alberta in the opening draw and crushed last year's winners 11-1 in just 6 of the scheduled 8 ends.

Canada played alternate Bruno Yizek at lead in place of Sonja Gaudet who did not play in the morning draw. Alberta, without Bruno at 3rd, fielded the same team of Jack Smart, Anne Hibberd, Martin Purvis and Bridget Wilson that won silver at the 2009 Nationals.

Korea began against the CGVC Avengers, skipped by Chris Daw, with Gary Cormack, Vince Miele and Corrine Jensen. It was a tight game with each team winning 4 ends. Korea fell behind early but ran out 8-6 winners with a steal of one in the 8th.

The third morning game saw the Richmond host team of Rich Green, Jackie Roy, Tom Parker and Samantha Siu beat the BC Team 9-7 in an extra end. The BC team is skipped by Bob Macdonald, with Jim Miller and the alternates from Team Canada and Team Korea.

In the afternoon, Canada beat BC 12 - 1, Korea again shared the ends but came out 7-5 victors over Alberta, and the Avengers doubled up Richmond 12 - 6.

The format is a 5 draw round robin and page playoff, with draws at 9.30 and 1.30. The semi-final and final are this Saturday, November 7th.

Thursday matchups
Draw 3 - 9.30 - AB - AV,  RCD - CAN,  KOR - BC
Draw 4 - 1.30 - AB - RCD,  CAN - KOR,  AV - BC

Draw 5  -  9.30  -  AB -  BC,  AV - CAN,  RCD - KOR
Page Playoff  1.30  -  1v2, 3v4


Anonymous said...

I was there for most of the day.

Team Canada were in tough for the first 3 ends of their scond game, but Armstrong was simply making everything, making two tough draws facing 3.

Look out...Jim is back, and better than ever.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Eric,

The scores did NOT indicate the flow of the games.

Had ARMSTRONG not showed up, Team Canada, OUR SELECT TEAM could well have been down 3 or 4 at the forth end break.

Armstrong alone substantiates the argument of a select team. Withou him, Team Canada are good, but nothing more.

Anonymous said...


Without Armstrong, Team Canada is good, but would not win

Anonymous said...


Make Jim human, especially in the second game, and you may have seen another result.

. said...

Rather than complain, why not write an account of the game, so everyone can see what you saw.

Anonymous said...

Well, Team Canada certainly didn't OVERWHELM Korea...... today