Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jim Armstrong talks injuries, team spirit and game calling

Jim Armstrong greets Korean skip Haksung Kim
at Richmond International - (photo John Sims - Team Canada)

"The shoulder's improving; slowly, but improving," Jim Armstrong told me this morning. "There was no question that it had to be repaired, and I was told that the rehab would take four to six months, but I didn't really buy into that. Now I am having to learn patience. We had a physio with us on our last trip and that helped and I am also doing the rehab exercises. I can push the chair. I just don't go up hills on my own. But everyone around me is being very supportive and my throwing shoulder is fine.

"This team is a great group. No egos, everyone working hard and willing to learn. I've told them that I wouldn't trade any one of them for anyone that I have seen play. Bruno stepped up in Richmond when Darryl was sick, and played really well. He had a chance in Europe to play a couple of games away from home, get over the nerves that come with playing for Canada. He was ready to step in when we needed him in Richmond. It's tough being a fifth. You have to be prepared without being anxious that you're not on the ice.

"I'm still adapting the way I call the game. The whole premise of calling without sweepers is very different. For a shot that you'd give a foot of ice for with competent sweeping, you might need two feet without that help, and then you probably add six inches because you don't want to risk scraping a guard. And that's if the throw's are accurate.

"I believe that wheelchair curling is a hitting game and will become even more so. When people tell me it's a tap-back game I say maybe, but only on straight ice and I haven't seen any of that. Some teams will attempt to play in the centre to even the odds, and take their chances.

"Korea can certainly hit and I was impressed by their technique. They'll be strong challengers in Vancouver. They just lack experience. As I tell Darryl, if there was an experience tablet you could take I'd have prescribed it already. I'm still on my own learning curve, keeping the game plan simple. When you put down the broom, and the rock's on the way, there's no help."


Anonymous said...

Ho, Hum....Yet another great Armstrong intrview.

Keep up the good work, Big Guy

Anonymous said...


Just a great article. Armstrong is obviously a great interview, but you have cobbled it together to make an interesting article.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Eric,

very interesting article. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

So, Jim will be playing in Prague??

Then, assuming his shoulder and head are fine, Team Canada will be at full strength....will they have enough to win or at least hit the final????

Anonymous said...

I think Team Canada should be concerned about burn-out......too much pressure this season for too long