Sunday, November 22, 2009

USA 1 beat Ottawa at 2009 US Open in repeat of last year's final

Channel 2 News report below

Team USA faced last last year's finalists Team Cameron from Ottawa in the 2009 US Open final at the Utica CC in New York. Skip Goose Perez executed a perfect hit and roll to the button with the last rock of the 8th end for a single point and a 5-4 win.

USA II beat Bradford 8-7 to take bronze.

Other results:

Day 2  - Draw 3:

USA 1   7-1   USA II
Ottawa 10-7 Bradford

Draw 4:

USA II  8-12  Bradford
USA 1  10-6 Ottawa

Draw 5:

USA 1 5-6  Bradford in 9 ends
USA II  9-11 Ottawa

Day 3  - Draw 6:

USA pool of players was shuffled for this game

USA 1   1-9  USA II
Ottawa 9-2  Bradford

News Channel 2 WKTV Utica NY had a short news report.

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