Sunday, January 17, 2010

Team Fitzgerald win Nova Scotia playdown

Mike Fitzgerald (skip) Laughie Rutt, Trendall Hubley-Bolivar, Debbie Earle

(photo Ian Readey)
Team Fitzgerald beat Team Brown 3-1 in a best of 5 series at the Lakeshore CC today to become Team Nova Scotia.

The series was tied at one overnight, but Fitzgerald stole one for a 5-4 win in an extra end in Draw 3 and, up one without the hammer in the 6th and final end of Draw 4, stole 2  to win 7-4.

Mike Fitzgerald, Laughie Rutt and Trendall Hubley-Bolivar, who all played in the 2009 Nationals, will be joined by rookie Debbie Earle at the Nationals in Kelowna March 15-21.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the team.

But one nagging question, why only six ends?

We have to template the access to the Nationals like the Internationals, and the Nationals.

We are playing right into the present Select Team format, since, obviously, we cannot even field teams that can handle eight end games.

Anonymous said...

I agree......we are not even attempting to make the Nationals like it should access Team Canada.

Let's get with it people......

Mike Fitzgerald said...

The decision to have 6 end games came from the Nova Scotia Curling Association. It was a best out of five series that ended up going four games over a weekend. Compare this to Manitoba which was a best out of three series.

There should be no concern about team Nova Scotia being able to play an eight end game as three of the four players have been to the Nationals the past two years and were able to handle a three 8 end game day last year.

Michael Fitzgerald
Team NS

Anonymous said...

i would suggest that the bigger question of the six end game is the PERCEPTION that this is not equal to Team Canada requirements.