Saturday, January 16, 2010

Team Sobkowicz takes Manitoba playdown

Chris Sobkowicz, Dennis Thiessen, George Horning, Arlene Ursel, Terry Lindell
2010 Manitoba Champions  -  photo  Katrina Thiessen

Chris Sobkowicz will represent Manitoba for the fifth time at the Canadian Nationals in Kelowna, March 15-21,after defeating Richard Dudek in a best of three playdown at the East St. Paul Curling Club. He made one change from the 2009 team, George Horning replacing Michael Alberg. Alberg played for the challengers, with Don Kalinsky and Effie Loubardias. 

Manitoba are an experienced side and will be favoured to improve on the bronze medals they won at the previous two Nationals; especially with with BC losing JIm Armstrong and Alberta losing Brno Yizek  to the Paralympics.


Anonymous said...

I guess the rest of us might as well not bother to show up at the Nationals sihce Manitoba has already won.

Anonymous said...

B.C. has not only lost Jim, but also, Darryl, Ina, Sonja, and Jacqueline......should be a wide open National, then back to B.C. favourite next year.

Anonymous said...

Quebec almost beat Sobkowicz in Ottawa & they're a new team and let's not forget the Ken did beat Manitoba when they played them so I don't think it is going to be so cut and dried as Manitoba may think. I agree with the above poster though, Manitoba wouldn't even have a chance if Bruno, Jim and Darryl were competing.

Bruce Cameron said...

To all the "Anny Mousies"....the comment in the article just says they will be favoured to improve on their past two appearnces. That is a well founded statement. Team Manitoba is a solid team with experience. That does not make them automatic national winners, it just means teams playing them had better bring their "A" game.