Saturday, January 16, 2010

Team Great Britain officially announced

Team Great Britain 2010
The Royal Caledonian CC, the governing body of British curling, announced a familiar five names as the official Team Great Britain. Michael McCreadie will skip an all Scot squad that includes two other members of the team that suffered the heartbreak loss to Canada in Turin., Angie Malone and Tom Killin. They are joined by Aileen Neilson who took a leave of absence from her teaching job to train ful-time, and Jim Sellar who has attended four World Championships.

Said Michael McCreadie: "It is an honour for me to Skip the British team at the Paralympics in Vancouver. I make up 20% of the playing Team and there are four others who are truly world class performers. We have worked extremely hard to get back into winning ways, with the results from this year's tour clearly indicating we are on the right track. Preparations have gone really well and we plan in the next nine weeks to hone ourselves into a formidable adversary ready to take on the rest of the world."

Read the official announcement HERE.


Anonymous said...

Can they handle Team Canada>>>>>

I think not.

Bruce Cameron said...

I will simply ask the "Anny Mousie" who made the comment....have u ever curled against the Great Britain team and have you seen them curl this year? If the answer to one or both those questions is no then your comment is unfounded. Before making such a comment I would suggest that you view the video available on this blog site of the game between Finland and Canada. Team Canada is a very good team but in any given game they can be beat. Just because they are Canadian does not make them invincible....example recent skins good as Martin, Howard and Ferbey are thay all got beat.

Anonymous said...

Point taken Bruce:

Why don't you get beyond your problem with Jim Armstrong.

You are right that in any given game, there can be upsets.

Did you know that Jim had not practiced at all prior to the European Tours?

Did you know that he was in serious pain (emotional and physical) while you prey on this video?

Would you like to make a wager on Great Britain beating Canada?

If so, let's wager.

Bruce Cameron said...

First things first.....stand up and be counted....who are you????

How many times do I have to say I do not have a problem with Jim Armstrong. I did not prey on the video, I just watched it and made observations. Someone's personal situation is not for me to analyse or comment on nor should anyone else be making excuses or reasons for performance based on personal situations.

For those who viewed the video, they wud know that it was not one person on Team Canada who curled poorly but the entire team..... in curling this seems to happen from time to time with no predictability as to when. Perhaps I shud make a wager, at least then u mite admit to who u are.....

I believe Team Canada has the skills to win Gold but I say that with caution. The reason being is that when u review the "wheelchair curling tour" this season no one team has dominated. For every spiel there has been a different winner albeit not all the same teams have competed in all events. It still remains that events with the perceived favourites for Paralympic Gold, each produced a different winner.

Anonymous said...


You speak with reasonable intelligence. That said, I have watched Jim and Darryl practice these past couple of weeks,,,,,Jim seems to give a spanking whenever he wants.

He is now, in my opinion, way ahead of last year, and brimming with confidence....looks like Armstrong in his able-bodied days!

Anonymous said...

I do believe Jim is ready to go, but don't know about the horses. He can minimize a lot of another team's advantages, BUT he cannot do it alone.

If the first three can stay even eith the opposition, Canada will win.