Saturday, January 23, 2010

Final international during Scottish Men's Championships

Michael McCreadie, Angie Malone, Tom Killin, Jim Sellar, Aileen Neilson,
coach Tom Pendreigh
[photo - Bob Cowan]

Bob Cowan
reminds me that Great Britain will host the final international spiel before the Paralympics when they share the ice with the Scottish Men's Championships at the Dewar's Centre in Aberdeen.

Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway will compete in the seven team field that includes two teams from the Scottish Wheelchair Curling Association's performance pool.

The wheelchair event begins January 29th and you can find the draw HERE.

GB 3rd Aileen Neilson is interviewed in the East Kilbride News HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Team Canada was aware of this event. Looks like an excellent tune-up for the Paralympics.

That would have been a great testing groung to handicap the field.