Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whitney Warren skips to BC provincial title

Whitney Warren [photo - Ian Readey]
Prince George's Whitney Warren, one of only two players to have appeared in every National Championship, will this year skip the defending national champions on home ice. His team of Frank LaBounty (3rd), Gerry Austgarden and rookie lead Allison Duddy beat Gary Cormack 7-1 in the final of the three team championship.

Cormack, with Rich Green, Vince Miele and Corrine Jensen blanked the first three ends before taking their single point at the half-time break. Warren scored two in the fifth, stole one in the sixth and made it handshake time with a steal of four in the seventh.

Both teams will compete in Kelowna at the Nationals, March 15-21, with Cormack's team playing as BC Hosts to round out a ten team field.

It is worth noting that both Warren and LaBounty are quads who use power chairs. They have also won gold at the previous three national championships, twice with Jim Armstrong at skip and in 2007 with Darryl Neighbour skipping.

Full provincial championship details HERE


Anonymous said...

I doubt the PG Boys will win at Nationals without Jim. Look for Alberta or Manitoba to take it all.

Too bad there is a time conflict. I would love to see our BC (Team Canada) against the other provinces, and it would be great expeieince for all the other teams.

Anonymous said...

who needs Jimmy when you got Whitney. He has always been the man on there team !!
Congratulations hope you keep your record going !

Anonymous said...

Give credit where credit is due. The team played well and they deserve to be going to the Nationals. Team Canada has to focus on the Paralympics, nothing else. Let the other teams enjoy the National event and may the best team win.