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    Sunday, September 13, 2009

    Jim Armstrong car wreck confuses Team Canada selection

    Team Canada skip Jim Armstrong has been involved in an accident that totalled his car. "My car rolled several times," he told me, "and I ended up on my injured shoulder and had to be cut out of the vehicle. I'm at home now and for some reason my shoulder seems to have survived the accident."

    A few days ago Jim was telling friends that he was going to rent an electric wheelchair so that he could get back out on the ice and rejoin his league team mates. It's not clear how the accident may affect his rotator cuff rehabilitation and availability for Paralympic selection. Of more immediate concern is the health of his wife who has been readmitted to hospital and is very seriously ill.

    Gerry Peckham. the CCA's High Performance coach, said that while everyone was hoping that Jim would be available, contingency discussions have been taking place. Team Canada pool members had been expecting to know whether they had made the team by the end of the Richmond BC training camp the last weekend in September.

    "That decision may have to be delayed if Jim's status is unclear," said Peckham. "We have to decide whether we are looking for primarily a shot-maker, or someone who can help with strategy."

    Asked whether Chris Daw might rejoin the program, Peckham said that if that happened it would not be before 2010. "Chris has taken on a very challenging new job as manager of the curling club that will take over the Olympic curling facility after 2010. He will not be rejoining the team this season."

    Canada leave for spiels in Norway and Scotland in October (see calendar).


    catester said...

    Best wishes to Jim and his family.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, how much does one person need to endure????

    Anonymous said...

    How on earth can you have any truly viable contingency to replace Jim?

    They have to be hoping against hope tyhat Jim is alright.

    Anonymous said...

    Hang in there, Jim

    Anonymous said...

    Ya, and that's why Gerry Peckham himself pays Chris Daw a visit in his office. Jim first and then you tell me if anyone in that circle is telling the truth.

    Try asking Chris because I say them both talk to Chris.

    With Jim's injuries and now his wife's passing, Canada needs some major experience back at the skip...only guy around with that Daw and that's why Peckham has come calling.

    Ask Chris.....

    Anonymous said...

    what is your beef with Jim? You have some major anomosity towards him. Jim has had a very difficult several months, which of course has been distracting to his training, however, he has major experience to back him up and has no reason not to conquer the olympics and all other tournaments. Are you Chris's rag doll by chance?

    Anonymous said...

    The fact that the guy is not really disabled, bugs me and should bug every one else!

    Anonymous said...

    Ha, so not only is the guy not really disabled, he's a drug dealer. What a class act.