Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vancouver 2010 - Canada opens with GBR, USA and Norway

Canada will have to avoid a slow start if they hope to medal at the 2010 Paralympics. They open against the only other semi-professional side, Great Britain (players are all Scots) and then take on USA and perennial nemesis Norway.

The 10 team field appears to split 1-6-3 with Canada favourites given Jim Armstrong recovers from rotator cuff surgery. Six teams are in with a chance to challenge; Sweden, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Korea and Norway. Under-financed Italy, who faded from fatigue after a late arrival at the 2009 Worlds, inexperienced Japan who did not qualify in 2009, and a fortunate rebuilding Switzerland (silver in 2007) appear likely also-rans.

CLICK HERE for full draw (pdf).


Anonymous said...

Looks like the WCF wants to bring Canada back into the pack early, ratherthan have them lock up a playoff spot by midweek.

It also gives any contenders a shot at them early before Armstronghas the ice and rocks figured out.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the draw look like suspiciously stacked against Canada.

The biggest negative is that Canada will be stronger later in the week when Jim gets on to the rocks and ice.

Just out of curiousity, Eric, is it you ranking Canada as the favourite, or is it the consensus of people you are talking to?

Anonymous said...

Who is doing the ranking that you are suggesting, Eric?

Anonymous said...

Where does Team Canada rank WITHOUT Armstrong?????