Monday, September 14, 2009

Team Canada selection September 27

Canada's team for the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics will be announced on September 27th at the conclusion of the team's third training camp. Coach Wendy Morgan said that the team will be Jim Armstrong, Darryl Neighbour, Ina Forrest, Sonja Gaudet and one from the three men who have been attending the pre-season training camps: Bruno Yizek, Chris Sobkowicz and Gerry Austgarden.

The five selected will travel to Norway and Scotland  (see calendar). Jim Armstrong's fitness will be assessed during the camp. "If he is not fit to travel, we will just take four people," she said. "We are not anticipating that Jim will be unable to play in Vancouver, but the Paralympic registration deadline is not until February 25th so we have until then if we have to name a replacement."

Canada has committed to having two women in the team, and BC's Jackie Roy has been training with the squad and would step in were Sonja or Ina unavailable.

Canada has added a trip to Prague to their preparation schedule which means they will not be attending the Cathy Kerr Memorial Bonspiel in Ottawa. "We decided on Prague because Germany and Sweden and other top international teams will be competing there," Morgan said. "We are still considering several options for competitive play prior to the Paralympics, as well as hoping to get some practice on arena ice."

The team will take up residence in the Paralympic Village on March 8, and the wheelchair curling event is scheduled from March 12-20.


Eric Eales said...

Wendy sounded upbeat about the prospects for Jim's availability and did not suggest that the coaches were considering delaying the selection to see how things develop. Obviously they want to tour with a settled side, though my choice of additional player (from Bruno, Chris and Gerry) would change were Jim not available.

Anonymous said...

Does seem that Wendy must have been in contact with Jim......hope for Jim and the team, all is well

Anonymous said...

They need the Big Guy to assure their competitive edge.

Anonymous said...

Jim will be there....even injured, he brings a big advantage.