Sunday, September 27, 2009

Canada's 2010 Paralympics team named

Alberta's Bruno Yizek named to Canada's 2010 Paraympics team
photo - Ian Readey

Following the squad's third training camp, just concluded in Richmond BC, the players who will represent Canada at the 2010 Paralympics will be Jim Armstrong (skip), Darryl Neighbour (3rd), Ina Forrest (2nd), and Sonja Gaudet (lead) who are all from BC and were the on ice players during the final of the 2009 Worlds. The alternate is Bruno Yizek (Alberta). Read a profile of Bruno HERE.

Should Ina or Sonja be unable to play before the team is officially registered in February, they would be replaced by Jackie Roy. It is unlikely, absent ill-health, that the alternate will see any playing time. Karen Blachford did not play in Torino.

Followers of the comments on this blog will know that this was not a surprise selection. I have not spoken to any of the coaches about the reasons for their choices. The choice between Chris Sobkowicz, Gerry Austgarden and Bruno was undoubtedly a close one in terms of shooting ability, but in my opinion Chris had his opportunity at the last Worlds, and Bruno seems a better fit as an (unlikely to see playing time) 5th than the still very competitive and ambitious Torino 3rd, Gerry Austgarden.


Jack said...

Well, let me be the first to congratulate all of the Canadian Paralympic team members especially Bruno, on their hard work and dedication. Seeing Bruno’s efforts first hand, he seemed the likely final choice.

Congratulations to Gerry and Chris for their fine efforts and raising the level of curling across the country. Hope to see you both at Nationals in March 2010.

Good Luck Team Canada you should do well in your own backyard come March.

Jack Smart

Anonymous said...

Team Canada average.....60+

What the hell do we do post 2010, recruit 70 year olds??

Eric Eales said...

60+ is a bit (quite a bit actually) of an exaggeration, but the point is well taken. Very few of the 55 curlers at the 2009 Nationals were under 40. I don't know whether the regular game confronts the same demographic changes. I do know that many wheelchair curlers come to the sport after enjoying more aerobic wheelchair sports when younger.

This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as younger wheelchair users see wheelchair curling as a sport dominated by the over 40s.

Anonymous said...

My congratulations go to all the successful members of Team Canada. It takes a lot of commitment, dedication and hard work to be an avid curler and I am so proud of who will be representing CANADA in the 2010 Olympics. Congratulation to each of you. See you in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Yes congratulations and don't forget the old age pensions

Anonymous said...

Hey, bring on the young guys to challenge the knowledge and ability of the likes of Jim Armstrong.....I am sure he would welcome the challenge

Anonymous said...

Old guys and girls,what happened to the 8 second takeout?
I wish you luck really, I don't think the coaches are doing Jim any favors he is going to be cleaning up some messes!