Monday, October 17, 2011

Wheelchair curling club needs your online vote NOW

Members of the South Lanarkshire Wheelchair Curling Club Pic: © STV

The South Lanarkshire Wheelchair Curling Club is applying for a community development grant from the Royal Bank of Scotland. You can read about their application HERE.

The club trains regularly at the Hamilton Ice Rink and will host an international event next January 18 and 19.

Secretary David Morgan said: “The money would go towards the international event as well as the development of the club.

“It’s important for people to vote for us because there’s so many wheelchair users that are caught up in poverty and can’t get access to funding which leaves them isolated because they can’t get out.

“This funding would help the social aspect and it’s a great initiative bringing an international event to South Lanarkshire.”

The organisation is hoping to run a special event on St Andrew’s Day this year and preparations are also underway for 10th birthday celebrations in February.

Voting closes at midday (7am eastern time in north America) on October 24. Here's the RBS voting page. It's a bit of a pain as you have to register before voting, but it's worth the 3 or 4 minutes that will take too support a club that is showing real initiative.

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