Monday, October 31, 2011

Team Canada introducing new faces at Richmond International

 Mark Ideson and Mike Munro with the Brier Trophy
Team Canada is bringing five athletes less familiar to west coast fans to compete in the Richmond International. Nova Scotia's Trendal Hubley-Bolivar and Newfoundland and Labrador's Darlene Jackman are likely to play with rookies Mark Ideson and Mike Munro from London, Ontario, on Canada II, while Ontarian Collinda Joseph replaces Anne Hibberd on Bruno Yizek's Alberta side.

Though Mark and Mike have only been curling a year, their coach Ernie Comeford is impressed with their rapid progress and is convinced they will be major players in the future.

"After all Jim, Daryl and Bruno are over 60 and both Mark and Mike are in early 30s at the most. The potential is there," he said.

They also fit a physical profile attractive to the national coaching staff.

You can watch them and seven other teams at the Richmond CC starting this Wednesday. Draw 1 begins at 9.30am. You can see the teams and the Draw HERE

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