Thursday, October 20, 2011

And Goose makes three, leaving USA 2012 wide open

Augusto 'Goose' Perez was the third Tam USA member, with Jacqui Kapinowski and James Pierce, to quit the program over the summer. This throws team selection wide open as 14 candidates gather at the Madison CC in McFarland, Wisconsin, the new centre for wheelchair curling in America, for the annual selection camp October 20-23.

Jimmy Joseph (49, New Hartford, NY) is the one survivor from the 2006 and 2010 Paralympic team and he will be joined by 2010 Paralympian Pat McDonald (44, Madison WI) who has moved his family from California to be more involved with the program. Penny Greely (40, Green Bay WI) returns from the 2011 team, and Bob Prenoveau (46, Chittanango NY), who was a part of  the 2005 and 2007 World Championship teams, is the other athlete with international wheelchair curling experience.

The 3-day camp will select eight who will then compete at two November events before the five person team for the 2012 Worlds is announced. National coach Steve Brown heads a five person selection committee looking for individual skills, game participation, strategic understanding and that catchall loved by coaches, "team/player compatibility." The eventual five will also have impressed in cumulative performance, on/off ice behaviour, team dynamics and training regimen.

Joining Jimmy, Pat, Penny and Rob are:

Catherine Cummins - 47, Portland, OR
Tyler Halatek - 40, Green Bay, WI
Stephen Hart -  62, Portland, OR
Tim Kelly -  38, Rockford, IL
Jimmy Kenner - 50, Green bay, WI
Megan Lino - 27, East Falmouth, MA
David Palmer - 51, Mashpee, MA
Steven Roberts - 16, Vancouver, WA
Pam Wilson - 56,  Westminster, CO
Gerald Wynne Jnr. - 45, Plover, WI


Michael McCreadie said...

Just to say that "Goose" was always a real sportsperson on the ice-he would congratulate us whenever a good shot shot was played. We also remember to our cost the fantastic draw he made against in the extra end us at the Vancouver Paralympics in 2010.

Aileen and I wish him well in the future.

Doug Morris said...

We almost defeated USA "1" twice in the 2009/2010 season but, in both games, it came down to the last shot in the last end and Goose shut us out both times.

You will be missed, Goose! You always had a kind word to say or a "Congratulations" when someone, anywhere in the world, did well.

I hope you continue curling outside of the USA team and that we still see you out there at the US Open or at our Cathy Kerr bonspeil in Ottawa.

Take care buddy,

Doug Morris
Team Cameron